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My Personal Touch of Glam Collection

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Touch of Glam Beauty: Love For All Things Beauty! <3 An Independent Makeup Brand Handmade Cruelty-free Vegan Parabens Free Talc Free I hope that you guys enjoy what my brand has to offer! More goodies coming your way soon. xoxo

Price/Purchase Process/Marketing

Amy (Touch of Glam) has a decent social media presence, however, I would like to see her provide more information on her products, what their capabilities are, and what other possible combinations and types and textures would pair well with her amazing multi chrome & multi-dimensional. She also provides incredible swatches but doesn't seem to give you too much information other than the type of product or the name. I think more information needs to be provided. The consumer needs to know the remarkable quality of Amy's products and I think by providing additional information, the consumer would truly understand the beautiful, stunning, creative & diverse selection of Touch of Glam's products. I think small businesses like Amy's do not get enough attention for three main reasons. First, as stated before, their social media presence is not significant enough. Second, they are usually a one or two-person operation, which means that it takes longer for items to be made and then received. Because of number 2, it is evitable that number 3 occurs, which means a much higher price and a very long time to receive the product. I experienced up to 6 weeks, however, I was very aware of the situation because of Amy's excellent communication and the quality of my last order was so outstanding, that I had no problem waiting.


The packaging is a tad below average for what you are paying. I would like to see the packaging updated and a bit more in line with the product's cost.

Comparable Brands

Not many brands that I could recommend that are comparable. This brand has a formula/formulas unto its own. There are definitely brands that have extremely pigmented and extraordinary in terms of formula, but I wouldn't be able to compare them with certainty to Touch of Glam.

Pigmentation/Color Payoff: Check Out Reviews & Swatches from Recent Customers as well as my own!

Kristin on Jul 12, 2022

5 out of 5 stars

The 20th is so so beautiful. It reminds me of a bubble (like the colors of a rainbow you see in one.) At first I didn't see much of a shift when I first applied it but when I was in different lighting it started showing its true colors literally lol..definitely recommend

My Personal Swatches ★★★★★

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They Speak for themselves!!!

Overall Product Presentation

I cannot say enough great things about the brand. Yes, it is costly, but the formula, presentation, and pigmentation are so unique and unlike any other indie brand I have experienced. The wait to receive the product can be lengthy, however, It is well worth the wait, and you will not be disappointed.