Friday, February 17, 2017

Product Review - Buxom: Dolly's Wild Side Eyeshadow Palette

I purchased this palette for a very good price on Glambot. For those of you who do not know what Glambot is, it is a website featuring gently used makeup at reduced prices. I purchased this particular palette because I did not have any Buxom Eyeshadow palettes in my collections, and I have read great reviews about their eyeshadows. The package arrived and I will say that it did have the physical appearance of being gently used (the packaging was scratched up). The palette contained 6 sizeable eyeshadow pans featuring 2 matte shades, 2 satin shades, and 2 metalllic/foiled shades. The palette gives the user the ability to create several beautiful looks, and the shadows themselves are creamy, buttery, and pigmented - the trifecta! I wore this eyeshadow palette over the course of three days with an eyeshadow primer and I was quite pleased with the wearability and longevity of the shadows, as well as the color pay off. The metallic/foiled shades work well dry, but work even better wet, so I wet my brush with a  little primer water and just pack the color onto the lid and it looks stunning. This palette lived up to the wonderful reputation of Buxom eyeshadows. I just ordered a customizable palette from Sephora based on my experience with this palette and I am looking forward to receiving that order because I know I will get quality, beautiful shades. If you haven't tried Buxom's eyeshadows, start out by purchasing their customizable eyeshadow palette. You get six sizable eyeshadows, selected by you, which is an $85 value for $40. Definitely check it out!

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