Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Product Review - Buxom: Stone Cold Babe Eyeshadow Set

I got this holiday palette on sale at Sephora after Christmas. I have a couple of other Buxom palette's that I created myself, and I have always been quite pleased with the pigmentation and the blendability of the shadows. I purchased this set for $29 USD and it came with a mini Buxom mascara, which was a great added bonus. The set included 12 mini shadows and a customizable palette that you can re-use with other Buxom shadows. I was initially excited because I really felt like I got this set for a steal! The package arrived from Sephora and I opened it and the first thing I noticed was the size of the shadows, about 1/3 to 1/2 the size of a regular Buxom shadow. Not happy about that one, at all! Then I swatched the shadows and the results are below. The shadows were not pigmented and seemed quite chalky. I decided to attempt to apply them to my eyes and create a smoky eye look. Surprisingly, although the shadows don't swatch as pigmented, with primer, they went on my eyes with ease and blended well. It still lacked pigmentation, but not as much as I anticipated initially. They are workable shadows and you can create decent eye looks. Is it my palette of choice? The first one I would reach for? No, but it's a good palette for traveling if you want to create an average smoky eye that is subtle but inviting. Overall, I wouldn't purchase this palette again, but since I have it, I have discovered that I can make it work for me.

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