Sunday, February 12, 2017

Product Review - Juvia's Place: The Nubian Palette

I first was introduced to Juvia's Place through world famous YouTuber NikkieTutorials. She had discovered the company and was raving about their "The Nubian" palette. I was impressed with what the YouTuber showed on camera - beautiful pigmented shadows, that were luxurious and creamy, but I wasn't convinced. So, I decided to search for other YouTubers that had gotten their hands on the palette and Stephanie Nicole also had given the palette top billing! Two reputable YouTubers that approved of that palette? Not bad! So, I ordered one and it came within days. My initial reason, besides the reviews I had seen, was to support a black owned business, which is important to me as a woman of color. The Nubian palette arrived and the first thing I did was swatches (which are below) and I was highly impressed. The colors were sensational and the arrangement and selection of shadows was perfect. The next test was to see how the wore on my eyes. The shadows blended extremely well and were so gorgeous that I was shocked at how good I looked. Buttery, creamy, blendable are not sufficient words because these shadows are unlike anything I have purchased as a consumer. I have purchased the other 3 palettes and reviews will follow regarding those, but I highly recommend that you get acquainted with Juvia's Place and their high quality, affordable palettes.

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