Sunday, February 12, 2017

Product Review - Thred Up Retail Website Review

I do tons of online shopping and I am always looking for a good deal! I try to shop on a budget and you have to be resourceful when you're working with limited funds. One day I googled something to the effect of "gently used clothing online," and I came across this website called Thred Up. This website features tons of gently used or even brand new clothing at discount prices - like shopping at Goodwill online, but way better. There are certain brands of clothing that fit me well and I like them, but they can be costly (I would usually get them at Macy's). This website allows you to search by brand and then filter by sizes, colors, styles, etc. On your first order, you get a code for 40% off! What really sold me on this company was this - a couple of weeks ago I made an order from them and it got lost in the mail. I was frantic and didn't know what was going to happen. This young lady from the company assured me that everything would be alright. They did some research for a couple of days and couldn't find my package, but the refunded me my money, gave me another 40% code to use (even though this was my third order), and expedited shipping when I made my new order. Talk about customer service! This is an excellent company to patronize if you are really looking for quality clothes, shoes, purses, etc., on a budget. When you click on an item, the information below will tell you if it's new or gently used or if it has minor fading. It gives a description to you of each and every item, so you're not purchasing items blindly. I absolutely recommend this company as an excellent source for retail shopping on a budget. They have excellent customer service, an impressive selection of casual, work, and dress clothes, and offer additional discounts to increase your haul. Love this company!

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