Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mini Product Review - Makeup Revolution: Shimmer Brick (Radiant/Rose Gold/Bronze Kiss/Pink Kiss). . . Damn Good Highlighter

If you are in the market for a beautiful, pigmented, affordable highlighter, then let me hip you to something. Well, you may already know about Makeup Revolution's Shimmer Brick Highlighters in initially radiant and rose gold, and now in bronze kiss and pink kiss. I wasn't able to locate this product on the Makeup Revolution, but you can click here and get it online at Ulta. These shimmer bricks cost $7 each and most often, Ulta will have a buy one get one half off sale, which is how I purchased mine.

I want to speak to the high-end quality of this product. When used with a fan brush, it leaves a beautiful golden glow on my upper cheekbones. Most days, I choose this product over Becca's Opal Highlighter. It is a wonderful pop of color in the cheek area and complements any bronzer or blush. These shimmer bricks are in my "everyday" makeup box. I cannot say enough about this remarkably affordable product with equally fantastic quality,

1). Affordable
2). Easy to access
3). High quality
4). Four shades to choose from
5). Applicable to a wide range of skin tones

Grade: A

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