Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Product Review: Tarte - Energy Noir, Pictures, Wearability Test

Tarte's "Energy Noir" small scale palette is a limited edition mini eyeshadow palette, featuring 8  eyeshadows, a decent sized blush, and a rather pointless (because it's so small) highlighter.  My experience with Tarte products has always been positive, but some of my former eyeshadow palette were not sufficient for a high-end brand. I began application of my makeup at 6:30 am. I washed my face and followed with both a serum and a moisturizer. I allow about ten minutes between cleaning and moisturizing my skin and application of makeup. As always, please let me remind you that I am not a makeup artist, but a makeup enthusiast and connoisseur. Makeup is an individual art of one's expression and there is no "right way" or wrong way to do it. With that being said, I took "dark drive" into my crease and realized how pigmented the shadow was and then began to blend. I follow by bringing "stone unturned in the crease and blended until there was no harsh line between shadows. I then packed the lid with "up too slate" and I dusted my cheek with the adjacent blush called, "unearthed". 

First Photo at 6:45 am: Eye makeup in place and secured by use of a primer.

 2nd Photo at 12:35 pm: Eye makeup looks very similar to morning application, color isn't running or fading and lid color still prominent

3rd Photo at 3:46 pm: Eye makeup is holding up remarkably well. No fading, creasing, or transferring.

4th Photo End of the Day 7:00 pm: Impressed how well the shadows held up. Lid color still remarkably vibrant. Over 12 hours of wear.

1). Darker shades are extremely pigmented, use light hand
2). Eye look was consistent, colorful, and attractive for over 12 hours
3). Limited Edition - no longer purchasable 
4). Highlighter is so small, it's unnecessary and useless.
5). Cool toned eyeshadow palette

Grade: B

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