Saturday, April 15, 2017

Product Review - Urban Decay: Electric Palette

Price & Purchase Process

I purchased my Urban Decay Electric Palette from and I was fortunate enough to catch it onsale at thieving price of $24. What a deal!

The packaging is just so colorful and bright, which is reflective of the shadows inside. The outside has a hodgepodge of tie dyed eclectic colors that are mezmerizing and grab the purchasers attention immediately. The palette itself is quite sturdy, made of a durable plastic type material and opens and closes well.

Pigmentation & Color Payoff

This is now and forever, my go to palette for that extra pop of color that I need to bring together a stunning eye look. The pigementation is outstanding, as the shadows are basically pressed pigments. and the color payoff is just outrageous. Most recently, I used the palette to create a gradient frosted green eye look and it was outstanding. In terms of color palettes, you are not going to find anything better than the Electric Palette.


One thing that well sell me on a product is a test of it's endurance. Can it go the distance? Can it look stunning for an entire work day or a rambunctious night out? I have no questions that the Electric palette can go the distance and even beyond! The recent frost green eye look that I was speaking of in the paragraph above, I wore for my birthday. I applied my eyemakeup at 6:15 am and didn't remove it until 9:30 pm later that night and my eye makeup still was bangin.

Overall Product Presentation

The packaging of the product is so outstanding it's almost overwhelming, the pigmentation and color payoff is ridiculous, and the price was so good, I felt like I was stealing the palette. This is absolutely one of my top 5 eyeshadow palettes of all time.

Results : 5/5

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