Thursday, May 11, 2017

Not Supporting Z-Palette? Here's a DIY Alternative!!

A lot of beauty enthusiasts are less than pleased with the company Z-Palette, which makes magnetic empty palettes in an array of designs and colors to accommodate those of us who buy single eyeshadow pans or wish to depot a current palette we own. The whole idea of the Z-Palette is quite necessary for the beauty community, but come on, get's not that damn hard. I am no longer purchasing Z-Palettes for a variety of reasons, but more anything, I am cutting back on my expenses. I was trying to figure out a way to purchase low-cost knockoff Z-Palettes and then I decided to get creative.

I read an article on a random blog (I cannot recall the blog or I would post the link) that was about being creative and making your own magnetic palettes. It mentioned that you could purchase magnetic cases meant to store needles and pins from JoAnn's Fabrics and use them for palettes...GENIUS, right? I purchased 6 of them online for $5.09 (Dimensions: 3.67 x 7.38 x 0.69 inches (W x H x L). Here's a picture of what I purchased below.
Artbin Slim Line Magnetic Needle Case Raspberry
I decided to take it a step further and customize my box, so I took an insert from my recent Colourpop delivery and cut it to fit the top of the box. Check out my handy work!

When I was ordering the magnetic boxes, I started to think that there must be something like magnetic sheets, so I search JoAnn's Fabric and found adhesive magnetic sheets (3 pkg for $5.49) They happened to be 4 X 6. I continued my search by looking for a 4  X 6 plastic box and guess what?....I found one! I put the 4 x 6 magnetic sheets in the 4 X 6 IRIS® 4"x6" Photo and Craft Case and voila - homemade magnetic palette.
IRISĀ® 4"x6" Photo and Craft CaseAdhesive Magnetic Sheet-4"X6" 3/Pkg

Ok, so I decided to take a step further. Remember the Colourpop shipment I spoke about earlier? In that shipment, I received a couple of items. One of the items was a 6 pack Super Shock Eyeshadow bundle that happened to be in a 4 X 6 box....Do you see what's about to happen? So I took the shadow out the insert in the box and I inserted the 4 X 6 magnetic sheets, then I depotted the eyeshadows and have a 15 pan homemade Z-Palette. Look at what I did below!

I know that I haven't done anything revolutionary here, but I am impressed at my own frugality and creativeness! I hope this is helpful to anyone that is looking for alternative ideas for magnetic palettes.

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