Monday, May 8, 2017

Product Review - City Color HD Blush: Warm Apricot ***Woman of Color Friendly***

Price & Purchase Process & Packaging

I purchased this wonderful little blush at my local Five Below here in Houston, TX and I paid a whopping $2.00 for this product. This square shaped pan gives you 0.113 oz/3.2 g of product in plastic packaging with a clear window to view the color. The product is labeled as cruelty-free and has a 12-month sticker on the back. Very cute, yet inexpensive packaging with appropriate and useful information for the consumer to make a well-informed decision regarding issues that are important, such as the life of the product and cruelty-free/animal testing status.

Pigmentation & Color Payoff & Performance

One thing that has always been an issue for me concerning cosmetics has been my skin tone. I am a Black-American and I pull very yellow undertones in my skin. I remember when I was in high school, I had difficulty finding foundations that matched my skin until an older friend introduced me to the custom color match foundations at the Prescriptives counter. Along the same lines, I have always struggled to find an appropriate and complimentary blush to accent my high cheekbones and blend seamlessly into my skin. When I walked into Five Below with my best friend, Desiree, during my birthday weekend to do a little impulsive shopping, I wasn't necessarily looking for an incredible blush, but I found one! The humble little cosmetics section at Five Below had several lower end cosmetics companies represented and I happened upon this blush. I took it home and put in the following week's rotation of A Palette & A Partner series, in which I am making a concerted effort to rotate through my makeup in a more thorough and productive manner (See the label in the sidebar for A Palette & A Partner). On Monday morning I put together my beautiful face and came up with a look that was more than satisfactory. When I added my blush, this blush, I was stunned. First, the pigmentation was insane. The powder was very pigmented and rich, with a beautiful peach color. I tapped my brush and applied the blush and I actually said, "whoa". The color was perfect for my skin, appropriate for the time of year and season, and looked amazing. I wore my makeup for 12 hours that day, and the blush stayed in place and looked flawless all day. I wore the blush every day that week and was continually impressed and happy with the product.

Overall Product Presentation

I am thoroughly impressed with this product - from the price to its performance, it is an incredible value. I am particularly happy that is flattering to my caramel skin, which means it is accessible to other women of color as a blush option. I have some high-end blushes that could City Color's HD Blush in Warm Apricot could go toe to toe with and come out the winner. Great price and excellent product makes this bougie diva a happy consumer!

 Results: 5/5
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