Tuesday, May 16, 2017

YouTuber of the Week - Nobody's Beauty Guru

I love it when I get to see regular, every day women that are passionate about makeup, give objective opinions based on their opinions, instead of pushing promo codes and sponsored videos. That may soon judgmental, but I don't care. I like real women (& men), with a genuine interests in beauty, makeup and skin care, and can consistently be objective, thorough and honest. So, I introduce to you Julie. In her "About" section it simply reads, "1 woman with a passion for makeup. 0 beauty gurus. Follow for simple hauls, tips, and reviews you can actually use." Absolutely refreshing! I related to Julie so much. She isn't an expert or guru or anything like that, but like me she's an expert at what SHE likes and what works for HER! Love it! Check out her most recent video below!

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