Friday, June 30, 2017

Testing Out Products! Final Thoughts on Vali Time Released Caffeine Capsules

When presented with the opportunity to test out this product, I definitely hesitate, but through significant communication with the party who asked for my knowledge & gift for being thorough and maybe overly honest, I decided to take a chance and see how things worked out. My main concern was how this product was going to interact with my medications and if there was a chance for upsetting my already tipsy-topsy social behaviors, etc. In my initial post about this product, I was impressed, but as time went on I was thrilled with the results I was experiencing. Improved concentration, energy boost, and no downturn or "coming down" if you will. It seemed at the end of the day I naturally transitioned into my night time routine in a comfortable manner without feeling any ill effects. Equally important, I did not at any time, experience a "rush" or "spike", but there was a notable difference in my overall performance and even attitude. For the cost of the product and the performance, I would absolutely recommend this product for those seeking an increase in energy without adverse effects to one's overall health.

Results: ✮✮✮✮✮ 5/5

Vali Time Release Caffeine

Friday Haul - O - Day: Frends Beauty!!!

Frends Beauty 
Bioderma Sebium H2O

Stalazzi Pearl Eyeshadow Singles

Viseart - Dark Mattes Eyeshadow Palette 
RCMA - No Color Translucent Powder

Friday Haul-O-Day: Sephora! Ciate London

Ciate London

Ciate London - The Pretty Palette

Ciate London - The Fun Palette

Thursday, June 29, 2017

My Introduction to Lime Light By Alcone - Ms. Leah Lankford

I love to be introduced to anything and then find out that it's been around longer than I have been alive! Sometimes, I am not too quick on the uptake. I pay for it by missing out on a lot of cool opportunities, adventures, and interesting things to experience. Thanks to my friend Ben Warner, he introduced me to his lovely lady Leah Lankford who is a Star Beauty Guide with LimeLight by Alcone. Leah was kind enough to take the time to hip me to LimeLight by Alcone and we had a wonderful conversation about the brand, its longevity, its presence in the beauty community, and its family-oriented run business. All things that appeal to me as a beauty enthusiast, makeup connoisseur, influencer, and business opportunist. She provided some excellent samples that I was more than impressed with and gave me the incentive to continue a business relationship/friendship with Leah. I am interested in pursuing a career with LimeLight by Alcone and I believe it's something I will be excellent at and be successful in achieving.It'a definitely on my list of opportunities in which to engage. If you are interested in learning more about LimeLight by Alone and Leah click HERE!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

YouTuber of the Week - Makeup with Mariela

I have posted a YouTuber of the week for 2 straight weeks. Mostly because of timing and scheduling issues, but also because I have been attempting to focus on "smaller" YouTubers and I was having difficulty picking one. There are so many amazing "smaller" YouTubers out there that deserve love & a definite shout out! This week I picked, Makeup with Mariela. I found Mariela as I was searching for, yes, you guessed it....Eyeshadow Palette Collection Videos!!! Mariela had an impressive collection, but what really drew me to her is that she emphasized the amount of time it took for her to build her collection. A lot of makeup enthusiast, myself included, feel this need to grow our collections quickly, but Mariela said it took 8 years to build her. That tells me a lot about her as a person! I really enjoy that particular collection video but a wide range of her other video. Check out her latest video below!

Monday, June 26, 2017

A Palette & A Partner - Week 13: New Products!

Welcome Back Ladies & Gentlemen!! It's a new week, which means that I have shopped my stash and gathered this week's rotation. In the beginning, A Palette & A Partner was an effort to cycle through my palette collection in an effective way so that all of my palette products would receive equal attention, love & usage in a timely manner. I have more palettes than anyone person needs, but I am determined to attempt to use them all. I have made some rules in order to weed out palettes that I really do not want, use, or are not appropriate for me in one way or another. Every palette will receive an initial rotation, in they are not used in the initial rotation, they will receive an additional week with the next group. If I still do not use, enjoy, or find the palette necessary, they will most likely be donated to The Mission of Yahweh here in Houston TX. When I first started the palette rotation, it included 4-5 palettes. one blush, and one highlighter. Last week, I started including bronzers/contour palettes and THIS week I have increased the group by including foundations and liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, and other lip products. I got this idea by watching a "Shop My Stash" video. It never occurred to me to include other products, because they are not as excessive as my eyeshadow palette. Don't get me wrong, it's all excessive. I am aware....completely! Took a look at this week's new group!

Week 13's Group!

It Cosmetics - CC Plus Cream, Wet n Wild - Photo Focus,
Kat Von D - Lock It Foundation

Bellapierre - Kiss Proof Lip Creme, Lip Shine - Glory, NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - Frosted Beige
KiKi Moisturizing Gloss, Wet n Wild  Megalast Liquid Lip Color - I Can't Bare It
BH Cosmetics Illumnate By Ashley Tisdale - Skinny Dipping, NYX Butter Gloss - Madeline

Colourpop - Super Shock Cheek in Quarters

Sephora - Illuminate Palette

Ulta - Contour Kit

Natasha Denona - Palette 5 #9

Viseart - 01 Neutral Palette

Beauty Creations - Twilight Palette

BH Cosmetics - Neutral Eyes Palette

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Product Review: ***Becca Muse Cosmetics - Mink Palette*** B.O.M.B. Challenge Company

I came across this very interesting and eclectic Houston-based company on Etsy. I was looking for indie companies that specialized in pressed pigments or pressed glitters. I was super excited to have found a company based in here in my hometown and that was also a black owned business. I reached out the Ms. Aquia Williams, who was professional, yet warm and kind. I could tell she was definitely about business and wanted to get my honest opinion of her products, given the nature of what I do. I purchased all her eyeshadow palettes, at a reduced price, but explained to Ms. Williams that I only do honest reviews and she absolutely agreed!

Price & Purchase Process & Packaging

So, let's talk about a couple of things. First, I do want to mention that Ms. Williams is a young, professional woman under the age of 25, with impeccable grace and extremely articulate and very, very, hard working. The says a lot to me on a personal & consumer level.
When we met she mentioned to me that she wanted to retire by 35 years old. Most young people don't like that far ahead, they tend to live for the here and now and show little to no concern for their own futures and how they will sustain themselves in this uber-competitive world. She's working hard - two jobs, and she understands the importance of getting ahead of the curve and being a producer in this society. With that being said, Becca Muse Cosmetics offer quality products for an exceptionally low price. Click HERE to go directly to the company's website. The Mink Palette is a 15 pan palette with a varying shade range that touches neutral, warm, and cool tones. The purchase process was quite simple and user-friendly. The site is still undergoing some final touches, but for the most part, it was quite easy to use. The packaging is indicative of the price point. Nothing too fancy. Just a 15 pan black eyeshadow palette holder with a label on the front the said, "Becca Muse"

Pigmentation & Color Payoff & Performance

The selection of colors is beautiful. All the colors are rich with great presentation in the pan. Some of the colors are "every day" work appropriate colors, while others are a little bolder. All are wearable colors for various skin tones, in particular, medium to deep skin tones. The metallic shades are outrageous. They swatch beautifully and apply evenly and effortlessly on the eyes. There is little to no fallout and they are not particular chunky or glittery. The matte shades were a little inconsistent. The swatched well, but one shadow was quite stubborn and was not as buttery and soft in the pan. The transition shades were fabulous, especially if you are a medium to deep skinned individual.

Overall Product Presentation

After having met the face behind the product, I have such a greater appreciation for this young and upcoming business. I am always in favor of support WOC that are looking forward with their eyes on success. Although one or two of shadows gave me trouble, overall I believe this is a quality product that is worth every penny.

✮✮✮✮✰ 4/5
Becca Muse Cosmetics - The Mink Palette
First Row Swatches

2nd Row Swatches

3rd Row Swatches

Friday, June 23, 2017

Vali - Initial Review (Mini Product Review)

As I have mentioned in previous posts, sometimes I get to try out products for free and provide honest reviews. When this opportunity came up, I was very hesitant for many reasons, but I shared my apprehension with the company and a friend and decided that I would take the opportunity. Around the same time that the pills were shipped to me, my doctor reduced a medication I take for narcolepsy....yes, your girl has narcolepsy. I am mostly okay when I am around stimulating like music, conversation etc., but get me alone in a room by myself with little to no sound and I am out like a light. I have this tendency to drop my head down and fall asleep, but oddly enough I can hear things around me, but I cannot respond (side note: I also sleepwalk). When I received the VALI pills, I read the directions thoroughly and follow them exactly. I also took my blood pressure before I took the pill and about an hour after. I never felt geeked or tweeted but alert and responsive. I was quite impressed. I will have a full wrap up my experience with these pills tomorrow. Check it out!

Time Release 100mg Caffeine Pills, Microencapsulated for Extended Energy Boost, 100 Veggie Capsules. No Crash Controlled Delivery Supplement for Sustained Performance & Focus, Maximum Potency Tablets 

Friday Haul - O - Day: Juvia's Place - The Magic Palette

I am so fortunate that I got my hands of this little beauty right here! I am a huge Juvia's place fan. Look forward to my review of this palette in the upcoming weeks. Love & Makeup **BougieBrie**

The Magic by Juvia's 

The Magic by Juvia's

Friday Haul - O - Day: Drugstore Haul (Walgreens)

I love Walgreen's for many reasons, but mostly for their point system. It comes in handy when you want a couple of bucks off. I decided to start stacking up my points until I got to 18,000, which is equivalent to $20. When I reach twenty dollars, I purchased a couple of items from the beauty section that I really wanted to try and ended up paying a difference of $3. Yeeesss, LOVE IT! Check out my mini drugstore haul!
Walgreen'd Drugstore Haul

Soap & Glory - The Perfect Ten
Limited Edition Shadow Palette

Wet n' Wild - Au Naturel Palette

Cover Girl TruNaked Palette - Jewel

Soap & Glory Highlighter - Peach Party 

Wet n' Wild - Large Eyeshadow Brush

Friday Haul-O-Day BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics
BH Cosmetics - Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition

BH Cosmetics - Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

BH Cosmetics - Baked & Beautiful

BH Cosmetics - Wild & Free

Influenster - #RevitaliftChallenge

Due to the nature of work as an #Influencer, I get to be a part of some very cool & interesting opportunities involving beauty & skin care! I know, pretty cool, right? I signed up with this organization called #Influenster and since I have a decent social media impact score, I get to try out full sized products and provide my opinion. You know me, I am not about anything but being both thorough and honest. This particular VoxBox is sponsored by L'Oreal Skin and I am participating in the #revitaliftchallenge. For fourteen days, without changing anything in my skin care routine, I am to use this product in the morning and in the evening. I took before pictures that you can look at below and being that I am halfway through this challenge, I can honestly say that I am seeing a SIGNIFICANT & NOTICEABLE difference. I live with a skin disorder called rosacea. It creates small bumps that create texture on my skin. Since I started using this cream, I absolutely see a difference, which is very exciting. Check back next week to see the final results.
#contest #Influenster #LorealSkin #RevitaliftChallenge #gotitfree

My Revitalift VoxBox From Influenster!!!
L'Oreal Skin Revitalift Challenge

L'Oreal Revitalift!!!
#before picture - notice the texture on my cheeks

#before - again, notice the texture

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Palette & A Partner - Week 12

Hey Beautiful People! This week's rotation is definitely interesting. Making its second appearance for two weeks in a row is the Modern Renaissance. I had hell with this palette last week and I just wasn't feeling it. I don't see what all the hype and hoopla is about, but I turned to a group of fellow makeup enthusiast on Facebook, got some suggestions, and I am giving it another go this week! Thanks my beauties from The Makeup Wakeup! I added some palette to compliment the MR as well as a palette with a little color. Deep in the crevices of my collection was an Ulta Contour Kit, so guess what? I am breaking that bad boy out because it's never been used. It's a shame, I know! ALSO, I am adding foundations to the rotation. As you'll see in my Foundation Collection video which you can access HERE, I have a ridiculous amount of foundations. My reasoning theory behind having a lot of foundations is two-fold. First, I have always had issues with finding an appropriate color match in terms of foundation, so sometimes I buy a couple of shades a mix them. Second, I get extremely pale and washed out in the Winter, and I tend to be more tan in the Summer, so I have "seasonal foundation", lol. I know...don't say it. Just let me exist in my blissful ignorance. Check out this week's group!
Week 12 Group! 
Modern Renaissance 

Coastal Scents - Fairy Fuchsia

Tarte - Double Duty Beauty Classic Courage

Clinque - Wear Everywhere Greens

Wet n Wild - I'm Getting Sunburned

Tarte - Paaarty & Sephora - Luminating Palette

Ulta - Contour Kit

Adding Foundations to the Rotation:
Tarte - Amazonian Clay Foundation
L'oreal - Pro Matte Infallible Foundation
Hourglass - Seamless Vanish Stick Foundation