Monday, June 19, 2017

A Palette & A Partner - Week 12

Hey Beautiful People! This week's rotation is definitely interesting. Making its second appearance for two weeks in a row is the Modern Renaissance. I had hell with this palette last week and I just wasn't feeling it. I don't see what all the hype and hoopla is about, but I turned to a group of fellow makeup enthusiast on Facebook, got some suggestions, and I am giving it another go this week! Thanks my beauties from The Makeup Wakeup! I added some palette to compliment the MR as well as a palette with a little color. Deep in the crevices of my collection was an Ulta Contour Kit, so guess what? I am breaking that bad boy out because it's never been used. It's a shame, I know! ALSO, I am adding foundations to the rotation. As you'll see in my Foundation Collection video which you can access HERE, I have a ridiculous amount of foundations. My reasoning theory behind having a lot of foundations is two-fold. First, I have always had issues with finding an appropriate color match in terms of foundation, so sometimes I buy a couple of shades a mix them. Second, I get extremely pale and washed out in the Winter, and I tend to be more tan in the Summer, so I have "seasonal foundation", lol. I know...don't say it. Just let me exist in my blissful ignorance. Check out this week's group!
Week 12 Group! 
Modern Renaissance 

Coastal Scents - Fairy Fuchsia

Tarte - Double Duty Beauty Classic Courage

Clinque - Wear Everywhere Greens

Wet n Wild - I'm Getting Sunburned

Tarte - Paaarty & Sephora - Luminating Palette

Ulta - Contour Kit

Adding Foundations to the Rotation:
Tarte - Amazonian Clay Foundation
L'oreal - Pro Matte Infallible Foundation
Hourglass - Seamless Vanish Stick Foundation

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