Friday, June 23, 2017

Influenster - #RevitaliftChallenge

Due to the nature of work as an #Influencer, I get to be a part of some very cool & interesting opportunities involving beauty & skin care! I know, pretty cool, right? I signed up with this organization called #Influenster and since I have a decent social media impact score, I get to try out full sized products and provide my opinion. You know me, I am not about anything but being both thorough and honest. This particular VoxBox is sponsored by L'Oreal Skin and I am participating in the #revitaliftchallenge. For fourteen days, without changing anything in my skin care routine, I am to use this product in the morning and in the evening. I took before pictures that you can look at below and being that I am halfway through this challenge, I can honestly say that I am seeing a SIGNIFICANT & NOTICEABLE difference. I live with a skin disorder called rosacea. It creates small bumps that create texture on my skin. Since I started using this cream, I absolutely see a difference, which is very exciting. Check back next week to see the final results.
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My Revitalift VoxBox From Influenster!!!
L'Oreal Skin Revitalift Challenge

L'Oreal Revitalift!!!
#before picture - notice the texture on my cheeks

#before - again, notice the texture

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