Thursday, June 29, 2017

My Introduction to Lime Light By Alcone - Ms. Leah Lankford

I love to be introduced to anything and then find out that it's been around longer than I have been alive! Sometimes, I am not too quick on the uptake. I pay for it by missing out on a lot of cool opportunities, adventures, and interesting things to experience. Thanks to my friend Ben Warner, he introduced me to his lovely lady Leah Lankford who is a Star Beauty Guide with LimeLight by Alcone. Leah was kind enough to take the time to hip me to LimeLight by Alcone and we had a wonderful conversation about the brand, its longevity, its presence in the beauty community, and its family-oriented run business. All things that appeal to me as a beauty enthusiast, makeup connoisseur, influencer, and business opportunist. She provided some excellent samples that I was more than impressed with and gave me the incentive to continue a business relationship/friendship with Leah. I am interested in pursuing a career with LimeLight by Alcone and I believe it's something I will be excellent at and be successful in achieving.It'a definitely on my list of opportunities in which to engage. If you are interested in learning more about LimeLight by Alone and Leah click HERE!

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