Saturday, June 24, 2017

Product Review: ***Becca Muse Cosmetics - Mink Palette*** B.O.M.B. Challenge Company

I came across this very interesting and eclectic Houston-based company on Etsy. I was looking for indie companies that specialized in pressed pigments or pressed glitters. I was super excited to have found a company based in here in my hometown and that was also a black owned business. I reached out the Ms. Aquia Williams, who was professional, yet warm and kind. I could tell she was definitely about business and wanted to get my honest opinion of her products, given the nature of what I do. I purchased all her eyeshadow palettes, at a reduced price, but explained to Ms. Williams that I only do honest reviews and she absolutely agreed!

Price & Purchase Process & Packaging

So, let's talk about a couple of things. First, I do want to mention that Ms. Williams is a young, professional woman under the age of 25, with impeccable grace and extremely articulate and very, very, hard working. The says a lot to me on a personal & consumer level.
When we met she mentioned to me that she wanted to retire by 35 years old. Most young people don't like that far ahead, they tend to live for the here and now and show little to no concern for their own futures and how they will sustain themselves in this uber-competitive world. She's working hard - two jobs, and she understands the importance of getting ahead of the curve and being a producer in this society. With that being said, Becca Muse Cosmetics offer quality products for an exceptionally low price. Click HERE to go directly to the company's website. The Mink Palette is a 15 pan palette with a varying shade range that touches neutral, warm, and cool tones. The purchase process was quite simple and user-friendly. The site is still undergoing some final touches, but for the most part, it was quite easy to use. The packaging is indicative of the price point. Nothing too fancy. Just a 15 pan black eyeshadow palette holder with a label on the front the said, "Becca Muse"

Pigmentation & Color Payoff & Performance

The selection of colors is beautiful. All the colors are rich with great presentation in the pan. Some of the colors are "every day" work appropriate colors, while others are a little bolder. All are wearable colors for various skin tones, in particular, medium to deep skin tones. The metallic shades are outrageous. They swatch beautifully and apply evenly and effortlessly on the eyes. There is little to no fallout and they are not particular chunky or glittery. The matte shades were a little inconsistent. The swatched well, but one shadow was quite stubborn and was not as buttery and soft in the pan. The transition shades were fabulous, especially if you are a medium to deep skinned individual.

Overall Product Presentation

After having met the face behind the product, I have such a greater appreciation for this young and upcoming business. I am always in favor of support WOC that are looking forward with their eyes on success. Although one or two of shadows gave me trouble, overall I believe this is a quality product that is worth every penny.

✮✮✮✮✰ 4/5
Becca Muse Cosmetics - The Mink Palette
First Row Swatches

2nd Row Swatches

3rd Row Swatches

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