Friday, June 30, 2017

Testing Out Products! Final Thoughts on Vali Time Released Caffeine Capsules

When presented with the opportunity to test out this product, I definitely hesitate, but through significant communication with the party who asked for my knowledge & gift for being thorough and maybe overly honest, I decided to take a chance and see how things worked out. My main concern was how this product was going to interact with my medications and if there was a chance for upsetting my already tipsy-topsy social behaviors, etc. In my initial post about this product, I was impressed, but as time went on I was thrilled with the results I was experiencing. Improved concentration, energy boost, and no downturn or "coming down" if you will. It seemed at the end of the day I naturally transitioned into my night time routine in a comfortable manner without feeling any ill effects. Equally important, I did not at any time, experience a "rush" or "spike", but there was a notable difference in my overall performance and even attitude. For the cost of the product and the performance, I would absolutely recommend this product for those seeking an increase in energy without adverse effects to one's overall health.

Results: ✮✮✮✮✮ 5/5

Vali Time Release Caffeine

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