Tuesday, June 27, 2017

YouTuber of the Week - Makeup with Mariela

I have posted a YouTuber of the week for 2 straight weeks. Mostly because of timing and scheduling issues, but also because I have been attempting to focus on "smaller" YouTubers and I was having difficulty picking one. There are so many amazing "smaller" YouTubers out there that deserve love & a definite shout out! This week I picked, Makeup with Mariela. I found Mariela as I was searching for, yes, you guessed it....Eyeshadow Palette Collection Videos!!! Mariela had an impressive collection, but what really drew me to her is that she emphasized the amount of time it took for her to build her collection. A lot of makeup enthusiast, myself included, feel this need to grow our collections quickly, but Mariela said it took 8 years to build her. That tells me a lot about her as a person! I really enjoy that particular collection video but a wide range of her other video. Check out her latest video below!

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