Monday, July 17, 2017

A Palette & A Partner - Week 16

Hey, my makeup enthusiasts! I hope that your start to the new week is fantastic! If you have been following my A Palette & A Partner series you know that the purpose of this weekly featured post initially was to begin rotating through a rather extensive palette collection. Ideally, I take approximately 4 palettes with different yet complimentary color selections to utilize for a full 7 day period. I pick out the palettes on Sunday night and use my inventory spreadsheets, complete with name, brand, category (luxury, high-end, affordable, etc.) and date purchased, to select the palettes for the week. I also pick out blush, bronzer/contour, highlighter, lip products and 2 foundations, which may stay in the rotation for up to 3 weeks depending on the circumstances and the amount of product usage.

Now entering week 16, I am about 1/4 - 1/3 way through my eyeshadow collection. I know, it's a ridiculous amount, but once you get over that and realize the effort I am making to really take advantage of my collection, you'll be in the bleachers cheering me on! Moving forward I am going to be making adjustments to the rotation. For the entirety of this process, I have been working through my collection backward, meaning that have been rotating my eyeshadow palettes based on the purchase date, not current trend relevance. All my high-end, luxury, large palettes, and the majority of my affordable palettes are labeled from the date of purchase. I have been working through my palettes from oldest to newest, rotating categories and brands. Starting new week, I will be rotating in 2 of the oldest unused palettes, 1 newer palette based on trends and relevance,   and 1 palette that has already been through a previous rotation. I will continue to rotate through highlighters and blushes, starting from oldest purchased to newest and I will continue to rotate in two foundations. Due to the last two foundation rotations, I have already decluttered two high-end foundations that I will never be purchasing again. I kept trying to make them work, and I just couldn't and that's ok! If you have seen YouTube videos where beauty gurus "shop their stash" then you will understand this similar concept. Eventually, I will begin to rotate in single shadows, cream shadows, shadow sticks, eyeliners, and groups of magnetic palettes with single brands.

I hope that this makes sense to you guys and that I am explaining this clearly. Well, check out this week's group! Have a great makeup week!

Week 16 Group!

Estee Lauder Double Wear (3N2) &
Too Faced Born This Way (Golden)

Rotating into this week's group for the second time,
Lorac Pro 1

Sonia Kashuk - Eyes on Neautral 02 (Matte) &
Sonia Kashuk - Eyes on Neautral Shimmer 03

Makeup For Ever - Artist Palette 9 Volume II

Natasha Denone - Blue/Purple Palette 28 pan

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