Monday, July 3, 2017

Bougie Brie''s Monthly Best in Beauty - June Fav's

Hey there guys! I am starting to create different "series" on my blog to continue to bring fresh perspective and information about all products beauty and skin care related. So, over the next few months, you will see a variety of theme-related topics to create a congruent structure to my blog. So, keep an eye out for upcoming subjects, and my hope is to post every single day except Sunday (day of rest). On to the first of many theme-related experiences for you, the reader - Bougie Brie's Monthly Best in Beauty!!!

For this segment, every month I will be bringing you my favorite beauty and skin care items.  I think it will help give both of us a better idea of what the average consumer values, and maybe you just might be interested in my thoughts on different products. This will include items from drugstore to luxury and everything in between. Why don't we get into it and find out what I loved in the month of June?

First up, Too Faced's Foundation Powder in  Medium Tan. I have had the powder since last early Fall, and because I have so many, it didn't get as much attention as it deserved. Due to some changes in my skin and its texture and oil production, I needed to use a powder that provided more coverage and this product happened to be an excellent match. About two months ago, I started using this powder religiously and in the beginning of June, I hit pan. Check out the damage I did using this product in June! 

Too Faced - Foundation Powder in Medium Tan

Not only hit pan...destroyed it!
The next product came as a free gift with purchase when I purchased several Essence products from Ulta. I have trouble with powders that claim to be translucent because they often leave a "white cast" on my skin, which makes me look washed out and photographs horribly. This product interested me because is claimed to be mattifying and with Summer here in Texas, that appealed to me greatly. I have been using it more as a finishing powder. I set my under eyes with the Sacha Buttercup Powder and the rest of my face with some type of foundation powder. Then I use this powder to really mattify my look. The good thing about this powder is that it does not create a powdery look on my face, but allows it to be smooth.

Essence - All About Matt Fixing Compact Powder

I have been rockin this foundation as often as possible, especially in the month of June. The color match is spot on and the finish is more of a satin'/matte finish. Maybe I should call is semi-natural. Yes, that's it - semi/natural. I love how light this foundation feels and I am uber impressed with the selection of colors, the price point, and the overall performance. I have a feeling that I will be using this foundation all Summer. Thoroughly impressed and another home run for Wet n Wild!

Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Foundation in Caramel
I am a huge Colourpop fan! When I began invested my time, energy and finances into beauty products, Colourpop was definitely on my radar. I đź’“Colourpop's Super Shock Eyeshadows. I have depotted many a Super Shock Shadow and put it into a magnetic palette (I think I have 7 magnetic palettes with Super Shock Shadows) and I also have backups of my favorite shadows. When  I received this Colourpop Blush in a Poshmark Haul, I was a little hesitant because I know how pigmented Colourpop's products are. I put this blush in one of my weekly A  Palette & A Partner groups, where I select different products that I have not used and use them for an entire week, and was very surprised at the blush's performance. Even more important, the color was stunning. I absolutely love how wonderful this cheek color looks on my skin and it applied beautifully.
Colourpop Blush - Quarters

The last two products are definitely my absolute favorites for the month of June. As many of you know, I have my collection divided into categories: High-End Regular Palettes, High-End Small Palettes, Large Palettes, Luxury Palettes, Affordable Palettes, & Drugstore Palettes. Sunday evening, when I create my A Palette & A Partner group for the week, I select different palettes depending on the amount used in each category versus the ratio of palettes used to total palettes in each group. I also consider each palette's color selection and if they can be used in tandem, and the purchase order of the palettes.  Most often, I don't get a chance to include a luxury palette, but this last month I was able to use these two beauties!!!! First, the Viseart palette....What the hell have I been using all this time? I didn't even know that shadows could blend so effortlessly and beautifully. I feel foolish for waiting so long to purchase this palette, and even more foolish for waiting so long to use it. Shame on me. Secondly, you KNOW that I LIVE for Natasha Denona's eyeshadows. They are hands down the most beautiful and pigmented shadows ever created on this planet. This palette is so damn gorgeous that I think it might be sinful. Just a stunning selection of colors, finishes, and textures, with the smoothest and easiest application of each shadow. So beautiful!

Viseart - 01 Neutral Matte

Natasha Denona Palette 5 - #09

I hope you enjoyed my June favorites! What were you loving in the month of June? Anything that I mention catch your attention. Leave a comment and let me know!

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