Friday, July 14, 2017

Palette Patrol: Least, Most, Best, Worst, & Favorite

Least Expensive Eyeshadow/Eyeshadow Palette

My least expensive eyeshadow would be my Wet n Wild Color Icon Single Shadow in Brulee at $1.09. My least expensive eyeshadow palette is also by Wet n Wild, from their Colon Icon Trios in Walking on Eggshells.

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Most Expensive Eyeshadow Palette

If you know me, this won't be a surprise, but my most expensive eyeshadow palette(s) are my Natasha Denona Blue/Purple & Brown/Green palettes coming in at a ridiculous $239. Yeah, I's a lot.

Most Colorful Eyeshadow Palette

I am going to add two palettes to this category, well, because it's my post and I can. My fist most colorful eyeshadow palette is, of course, the Urban Decay Electric palette, which I purchased or basically stole from Sephora for $24. Yes, $24. My second most colorful palette is my Zulu palette from Juvia's Place, which I also stole for $18. I admit it, I am a thief.

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Best Buy For Your Buck

In my opinion, the best buy for your buck considering pigmentation, pan size, the number of shadows per palette, packaging, and the price would absolutely be Juvia's place, followed closely by Morphe Brushes. Juvia;s place has excellent packaging, names of the shadows on all their palettes (from the Nubian 2 moving forward), insane pigmentation and blending capabilities, enormous pan sizes (for the majority of their palettes) and an excellent price. Morphe Brushes has a considerable amount of product for the price, great pigmentation in their shimmer/foil formula, a variety of palettes with many shades, offer bundles & sales.

Favorite High-End Palette

My favorite, ride or die palette, is hands-down the Lorac Pro. The Lorac Pro was my very first high-end eyeshadow palette. Initially, my experience with it wasn't that stellar, but once I learned to tap off my brush, I was in business. The shadows are incredibly pigmented and so buttery that they come off powdery. Some people kick up a fuss about powdery products, but when the color pay off and the blendability is so on point, I really could care less.

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Favorite Luxury Palette

I have two favorite luxury palettes. First, is the Star Palette by Natasha Denona. Just a stunning palette with beautiful shades and pigmentation that reaches to the moon. Just the best eyeshadows I have ever experienced. Coming in at a very close second, in the Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Siren Palette. I got this palette for a steal off of Poshmark from a woman who was purging her entire collection. It had little use, excellent pigmentation. The clasp was broken but I talked her down to $7, which is just criminal. I told you I was a thief!

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Favorite Drugstore Palette

If you live on this planet and you don't know about Wet N Wild's Comfort Zone, then I just have no words for you. No words.... This $5 palette gives you two defined looks, including neutral & warm shades, and a duochrome that rivals MAC's blue/brown pigment.

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Palette I Regret Buying/Least Favorite

Ok, I know I am going to catch hell for this one. The palette that I regret purchasing and therefore, is my least favorite palette is the Modern Renaissance. I know, I get it. Everyone loves this palette. Everyone but me. I just don't get it. It's not that damn good. People complain about palettes that are powdery, for example, the Lorac Pro Palettes, however, this palette is equally if not more powdery. Next item that bugs me is that the shadows do not blend well. I think both the Tarlette in Bloom & the Tarteist Pro blend better than the Modern Renaissance. Real talk. I seriously feel like I have to blend FOREVER and that the shadow does not even disperse or distribute in my crease.I tried this palette for two weeks straight. I mean, I really tried, but it's just a no go for this beauty blogger. I know I am definitely the lone wolf on this one, and I am ok with that.

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Favorite Palette Brand

I have three in this category. First up, yep, you know it....Natasha Denona. I admittedly have all of Natasha's 28 pan palettes, the 10 pan palette, the Star Palette, the Sunset Palette, and 9/12 of her 5 pan palettes.When I like a brand/company, I go all in! The second favorite brand is definitely Juvia's place. I have all of their eyeshadow palettes, including both the mini and large Masquerade Palettes, and I also own all of her individual eyeshadows. This brand is POC-friendly because it's rooted in the desire to extend the concept of beauty beyond monochromatic ideas, beliefs & values. The palette's are high quality for an excellent price and it's marketed especially for people like myself. Love this brand. The last brand that I adore is, of course, Lorac. Lorac makes an amazing Pro formula that cannot be beaten, along with its equally impressive sister formula in the form of the unzipped series. I own all the Lorac Pro regular palettes (1,2,3), both the unzipped palettes, 3 limited edition palettes, and a foundation and face powder. This was the first high-end brand I was introduced to and I have been very pleased with the consistency of this brand.

Honorable Mention

One brand that I really have been digging for a couple of months is Devinah Cosmetics. This company is amazing and I really like their pressed pigments. I have quite a collection of their products and I am more than impressed. These products are handmade and gorgeous, which I appreciate because you know I like my shimmer and foil shades. Definitely, check them out if you want a good indie brand that produces excellent quality products at a reasonable price.

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