Saturday, July 15, 2017

Product Review: ***Devinah Cosmetics - Eyeshadow Pigments***

Price, Purchase Process & Packaging

I happened upon this brand while cruising the Internet for reasonably priced Indie Brands that specialized in pigments. I found a website that featured this brand and had a coupon code for 20% off your entire purchase. For that particular website, please click HERE! When I clicked on the link for Devinah Cosmetics, I automatically located the "About Us" page because I think it's important to know the back story of the brand that you are essentially supporting by purchasing their products. I was absolutely captivated by the owner, DeAndra story which moved me and resonated with me in a way that spoke to me as a makeup enthusiast, a resourceful and daring individual and particularly in creating my own version of beauty. Please take the time to read about DeAndra, her vision, the name Devinah, and her thoughts on beauty HERE!

After learning a little bit about the CEO of this Indie Brand, I decided to invest my money and take a chance. Devinah specializes in hand-made/pressed pigments, mattes, bronzers, and highlighters. Being the colorful shimmer girl I am, I went straight to the pigment section. This brand has over 100 shades to choose from in 26 mm, 36 mm, 44 mm, 57 mm sizes. I decided that I wanted to spend about $100 on my first order, which came out to 20 26 mm pans, but I had the discount code...So, I paid $80 instead!!! The site was a little bit too much for me in terms of color scheme, but it was still user-friendly and easy to navigate. Their were pictures of the actual shades, but what was even better was that their were swatches of each shade so you could really get an idea of the actual color of the pigment, which I appreciate tremendously. Smart move on the brands part because it helps the consumer make a more informed decision. Check out was a cinch and the package arrived, well wrapped and sufficiently protected about a week later.

Pigmentation, Color Payoff & Performance

Once I received my package, I quickly found the individual pigments a home in a magnetic palette I purchased from Etsy and then I began swatching. Yes, the coveted finger swatch which essentially determines the viability of the shadow. Some believe that a swatch is not sufficient and that only application to the eyes gives a true testament to the shadows pigmentation. I happen to believe that is all very relative, so in fairness, before a conduct a product review I do swatches and application. First of all, check out my mediocre pictures below. They don't lie. These shadows swatch with intense pigmentation and are not chunky and do not bunch up. Absolutely smooth swatches, yes! So, that's definitely a great sign, but how do they apply to the eyes. I have found that these shadows apply extremely well in one of the three classic ways: with your finger, with a dampened brush, and packed on the lid. The shadows are beyond stunning. I truly cannot find a proper adjective to give it justice. Needless to say, I love these shadows.

Overall Product Presentation

I love when a brand has an amazing backstory, a female head, and phenomenal products. That, my friends, is the trifecta!!! I cannot wait to purchase more products from this brand and I am pleased with the overall service, product, and the product presentation. This a brand that you shouldn't miss! Don't sleep on Devinah Cosmetics

Results: ✭✭✭✭✭  5/5

~Devinah Cosmetics~ 
Sensational Pigments!!!

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