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Worth the Splurge? Product Review plus Swatches! Natasha Denona - Blue/Purple Palette

Price & Purchase Process & Packaging

I was introduced to Natasha Denona through an email blast from Beautylish. At that time, they were carrying her 5 pan palettes, which comes in 13 different palettes with an assortment of color arrangements. These 5 pan palettes are 5 shades x 0.08 oz/ 2.26 g total weight of palette. I don't think people realize that is an astounding amount of shadow that is per shade. These 5 pan palettes retail for $48 on Beautylish & Sephora's websites. I purchased on of these 5 pan palettes and immediately fell in love and began to do additional research about Natasha Denona as a makeup artist & entrepreneur. The brand is cruelty-free and is known for ultra metallic & insane duochrome shadows, which is what initially attracted me. Let's get real here, I am that woman rocking shimmer in the crease, so Natasha Denona was right up my alley. I really wanted to invest in getting both the 28 pan palettes from this brand, but I couldn't get past the $239 price point until I encountered Stephanie Nicole review and swatches of both palettes (listed for reference below) & Tarababyz's review of both palettes as well. 

These two beauties are hands down my most favorite YouTuber when it comes to thorough reviews, using actual research and evidence to support their expert opinions. I was trying to wrap my head around the price point and then it was broken down by Stephanie Nicole via  Excel spreadsheet (if you know Stephanie Nicole, this is definitely classic SN) at the 13: 00-minute marker of her review video. If you bought every single shadow in both the Blue/Purple palette & the Brown/Green Palette individually the cost would be $1784 if at 
.08 oz which is a total weight of 4.48oz. Both the Blue/Purple & Brown/Green palettes are packaged in a white patent leather case with the shadow magnetized in a foam backing. There is no indication of the palette's name on the packaging, so I had to create a label to differentiate between the Blue/Purple & Brown/Green palettes

Pigmentation & Color Payoff & Performance

There are 4 duochromes, 7 mattes, 17 metallics in the Blue/Purple palette. 

The cost breakdown per all available shadows is as follow:
Metallic 39 available :$27
Mattes 13 available:  $25
Sparkling 4 available: $29
Duo-chrome 10 available: $29
Average Cost per shadow: $27.50

I feel most of the Blue/Purple palette's shadows are best as an all over lid shade.Although the variety of finishes provide a very unique selection & color palette, it does make is difficult to both pair and blend shadows together seamlessly fashion. It's best to have a palette, such as the Viseart 01 Neutral Palette, to pair in tandem with the Blue/Purple Palette. There are varying opinions about all-inclusive, one-stop-shop palettes, versus having to grab an all matte or all shimmer palette to create a look. As a makeup enthusiast and exclusive palette collector, it is a minor inconvenience to reach for my Sonia Kasuk Eyes on Neutral Palette or one of my Viseart palette. One of the beauties of eye makeup is having a vision of what you want to create and bringing those ideas to a reality. I doubt painters stick to one color palette, right? The color payoff and pigmentation are better than any other brand on the market. There is no contest.

Overall Product Presentation

I am the type of person that when I like a product or brand, I have a tendency to buy everything they make. Natasha Denona is definitely one of those brands. This palette is stunning. It is probably not for your everyday makeup wearer with one or two palettes. It is probably not for individuals that do not care for sparkle or shimmer. I would say if you want to get a taste of what the 28 pan palettes are like, invest $48 bucks in the 5 pan palette. There are 13 to choose from and I am sure you can find a color selection that suits you. I would comment that ND eyeshadows are by far the best eyeshadow I have every used. They are out of this world and the when the shadow goes on your eyelid it is true to the color in the pan 100%. What more can I say

Results: ✮✮✮✮✮ 5/5

Natasha Denona - Blue/Purple 28 Pan Palette 

Blue/Purple Palette (28 Pans) - .08oz each!


The following videos are well researched, thorough, and compettent reviews of  the Natasha Denona Blue/Purple Palette. Both of these YouTubers I hold in high regard and utilize their experience and expertise when reviewing products to purchase for my own collection. When I want an honest, informative, pensive review about a beauty related product, these are the women that I turn to for guidance and reliable  & accurate information. Check out Stephanie Nicole & Tarababyz's reviews of this palette!

Stephanie Nicole's Natasha Denona Review with Swatches

Tarababz Natasha Denona Demo & Swatches

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