Tuesday, July 4, 2017

YouTuber of the Week - Mrs. Melissa M

This week's pick for YouTuber of the Week is the wonderfully inspiring Mrs. Melissa M. Guess how I found her...Just guess....Yep, I was binge watching eyeshadow palette collection videos! You guys know me so well. A couple of things drew me to Mrs. Melissa. First, I noticed during the video that her hands were shaking and I was wondering why. Well, she mentioned about half way through the video that she had both Fibromyalgia & Cerebral Palsy and she apologized if the shaking of her hands made anyone uncomfortable. Immediately, I empathized and understood. If you know me personally, you know are quite familiar with my health history and journey towards a place a peace and acceptance in terms of the issues that I live with. I was so moved by Mrs. Melissa M's desire to make others comfortable, even though she's suffering. I understand that desire as I never want my health issues to be an inconvenience or burden to anyone. This speaks to her humility and willingness to engage in life, in spite of difficulties and setbacks. She is quite funny and she is like me in so many ways....just a regular gal, who loves makeup and wants to share her knowledge with others. She has an amazing sense of humor about herself and life in general and her positivity is infectious. Please check out her most recent video below and definitely show this gem of a woman some love!

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