Friday, August 11, 2017

FRIDAY HAUL-O-DAY: POSHMARK - Kat Von D Monarach Palette

I have been looking for this palette for a long time and usually when I see it's for sale, it's an inauthentic copy and not the real deal. So, when I found this bad boy on Poshmark for the lovely price of $20, I was such it was fake until I read the Posher's explanation for sale
 It was very simple..... "I love this palette. It's one of my favorites, but ice kinda outgrown it. I know a lot of people love this palette and would give anything to get their hands on one. So, I decided to sale mine at a more than reasonable price, so that someone can grown into it. 

I guess it's my turn to grow into it.... 

Kat Von D - Monarch Palette

Kat Von D - Monarch Palette

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