Sunday, August 20, 2017

YouTuber of the Week - Vintage or Tacky (Cora Alvillar)

Hey there my beautiful bougie babes,

I haven't been doing the YouTuber the week recently because I haven't been moved or inspired by any particular YouTuber walks Vintage or Tacky. Cora's channel, Vintage or Tacky features both beauty and fashion. She does everything from tutorials, to try on's and fashion shows, hauls, product reviews, etc. Her talent and knowledge are impressive, but what really caught my attention was her genuine, but not cocky confidence. I have struggled with my weight for ten years and when I saw Cora trying on swimsuits for larger sized women I was jealous. Yes, jealous! I admit it. She exhibited something I have been desperately seeking for years and she exudes a sort of "boss babe swagger". She is an honest and thorough product reviewer, a fun and outgoing individual, a person who gives practical and functional beauty advice and she is bad to the bone! She has inspired me in a personal way and I deeply appreciate her impact on my life. Please check out her most recent video below!

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