Saturday, October 21, 2017

****Haul & Mini Product Review - Lorac Mega Pro 4****

Price & Purchase Process & Packaging:

If you had an opportunity to check out blog post titled, Palette Patrol (CLICK HERE), then you would know that my favorite high-end eyeshadow palette is the Lorac Pro 1. If you read that blog post, you would also be aware that I divide up my palettes in to categories for inventory and storage purposes (Customizable Palettes, High-End Palettes, Large Palettes, Small High-End Palettes, Luxury & Affordable/Drugstore). I am mentioning the division of eyeshadow palettes because I have consistently raved about Natasha Denona’s palettes as my favorite brand, so I need to make a correction. Natasha Denona is my favorite LUXURY eyeshadow palette brand and Lorac is my favorite HIGH-END eyeshadow brand. Just wanted to explain the distinction. My very first high-end eyeshadow palette purchase was the Lorac Pro 1, and most often, anytime Lorac has an eyeshadow palette release, I tend to purchase the product to see if it’s as good as the Lorac Pro 1. As a seasoned “palette release stalker,” when a palette goes live and it’s something I am interested in, I usually don’t miss a beat and I am able to secure the palette within minutes of the initial release. I purchased the Lorac Mega Pro 4 from Ulta for $59 (it’s on sale as of 10/17 for $44.25)  and because Ulta has an amazing rewards program, I walked away paying nothing for the palette! I received the palette within a week’s time, shipped in standard Ulta unconventional packaging, in good condition and ready for use.

Pigmentation & Color Payoff & Performance:

Many people complain about the formulation of Lorac Pro eyeshadows, stating that they are too powdery or dusty and have a lot of “kick up” and I happen to agree, however, I feel like that’s the trade off when you want pigmented, creamy eyeshadows. Kick up and powder residue is just a small irritation for well formulated eyeshadows. What’s interesting to me is that some people will complain about Lorac’s powdery formulation, but conveniently forget to acknowledge the excess powder that one deals with when manipulating Anastasia Beverly Hills’ eyeshadows, i.e. The Modern Renaissance. To me, it’s not an annoyance or inconvenience to tap off my brush or be cautious when dipping my brush into any shadow, let alone a Lorac shadow. It’s just a simple, sensible action that is part of the process of eyeshadow application. Are people truly too lazy to tap off their brushes?? Some are, I guess. I say all that to say that traditional Lorac’s Pro eyeshadow formula is powdery, but very well pigmented & creamy. The shadows require a little discipline and awareness regarding tapping off your brush during application and blending, but in return you get well-blended, beautifully applied eyeshadows with extraordinary color payoff. The Lorac Mega Pro 4 is no exception. The shadows are dense, yet creamy, and provide excellent pigment for a variety of looks. One thing that I don’t necessary understand or care for regarding the palette is the awkward arrangement of shades and the unorganized color story the palette creates. The palette is not unified or cohesive and it’s not organized in a way that one can easily and effortlessly create an eye look. With so many shadows to choose from, it’s necessary to make the palette easy to use and palatable for the everyday consumer. There are 16 matte shades and 16 shimmer shades for a total of 32 shadows. That’s more than enough to choose from when creating a look, but it can be overwhelming if you are not a seasoned makeup user, or if you need cohesion and uniformity to bring something together. Also, another issue is that the palette is very cool-toned. When making such a largely demanded item, it addresses more consumers if a palette is more even and pulls the interest of cool-toned, warm-toned and neutral-toned wearers. Why companied continue to make palettes that leaning heavily cool, or heavily warm, or middle of the road neutral is something I will never understand. I get it in some ways though….Companies hop on a trend (like the warm/red/smoky look) and ride it until the wheels fall off, instead of seeking to meet the demands of all their consumers. They will only address 1/3 of their client base, instead of bridging the gap to meet the other 2/3.

Overall Product Presentation:

It stinks when your favorite brand makes a product and only gets it half way correct. The Lorac Mega Pro 4 is consistent in formulation, wearability, longevity and application. Its formulation is one of a kind, and known well throughout the beauty community by their consumers & their competition alike. Is the Mega Pro 4 consumer friendly? No, not really. Realistically speaking, who the hell needs 32 different eyeshadows in one palette? Unless you’re a collector, a MUA, or a beauty consultant, the answer is no one. Is it practical for everyday use by the average make up consumer? No, it’s too damn big. Does it address the different parts of the color spectrum or does it lean heavily one direction? Nope, it’s definitely a cool-toned palette. So, to this Lorac makeup lover, it’s still a good purchase for the collector value and the purposes of review, but otherwise it’s not a touchdown in my playbook of eyeshadow palettes.

Rating: 3/5


Lorac - Mega Pro 4

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