Saturday, October 14, 2017

Product Review ****Juvia's Place - Single Shadows *****

Price & Purchase Process & Packaging:
If you are a makeup lover and you haven’t heard of Juvia’s Place, then I am just going to assume that you are living under an unmovable boulder. Like many beauty enthusiasts, I came to know the brand through a YouTube Beauty Guru. I was encouraged to purchase their items through the B.O.M.B. Challenge (Black Owned Makeup Brand) and I own not only all of Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palettes, but I also own their entire collection of single eyeshadows. The single shadow collection contains 10 neutral/earthy tones in both shimmer/foil & matte finishes. The collection totals $48.99 before tax and shipping. Juvia’s Place products are priced fairly and often you may find them on sale on the brand’s website or even a secondary market like Hautelook. The website is user friendly and the purchase process was painless and without incident. The product was packaged well, but left a little bit to be desire aesthetically.
Pigmentation & Color Payoff & Performance:
What initially drew me to invest in the 10-pan collection was the variety and depth of the neutral everyday colors, which I feel can also be glammed up a bit for evening wear! Regarding pigmentation….I have never had an issue with Juvia’s Place and the brand’s pigmentation. Juvia’s Place eyeshadows are consistent, offer excellent color pay off and perform above & beyond most high-end brand that you would find in Sephora or Ulta. Sometimes, when I purchase an eyeshadow palette from a particular brand, it might be a crap shoot in terms of quality, but Juvia’s Place eyeshadows, in particular single eyeshadows are a cut above the rest. The single shadows are the same size as Make Up For Ever Single Shadows and if you break down the cost per shadows it’s about $4.89 per shadow. It’s a reasonable investment if you are looking for quality, dependable, neutral eyeshadows that can fit an everyday work appropriate look or shadows that can go a little further and pull a glam evening looking. I haven’t had any issues with Juvia’s Place, although I am aware that others have. I cannot speak to another person’s experience or validate or even discredit someone’s claims. What I can verify is my own personal experience, the quality and more than fair price & the wide selection and variety of shadows, palettes, brushes, & magnetic palettes.
Overall Product Presentation:
Juvia’s Place single eyeshadows are truly a cut above the rest. The color payoff and pigmentation are remarkable and what’s even more impressive is the longevity and staying power of the shadows. They are among my most favorite and well-loved shadows and the brand itself is my absolute favorite indie brand. The brand is innovative, creative, promotes cultural knowledge and inclusivity and leads the pack in superiority and value. These single shadows are well-worth the investment and I highly doubt you would be disappointed with the purchase.
Rating: 5/5

Juvia's Place Magnetic Palette 
Juvia's Place Single Eyeshadow Collection

Juvia's Place Single Eyeshadow Collection

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