Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Product Review : ***Looxi Beauty - Shimmer, Aurora 1 & 2, Metals***

Price & Purchase Process & Packaging:

I have not come across many reviews about Looxi Beauty and I have been meaning to review their eyeshadow products for some time, but it’s been a bit hectic. Now that things are calming down for me personally, I can get back to weekly reviews of various products and this particular brand, along with a few others have been high on my priority list concerning a thorough review. What lead me to check out this brand was a video from Wild, Young & Polished, which mentioned the brand and due to a thorough google search, I came across a code for 20% off your entire order. Quite the incentive! As many of you know, I am a self-proclaimed bougie eyeshadow goddess. I love eyeshadow and the creativity that it invokes in me personally. I was particularly interested in the brand’s shimmer shadows, and my first purchase was a large order that included the entire shimmer collection, the free love metal collection, and the precious metal collection. Each eyeshadow is 26mm and was priced at $5 apiece. The total for all three collections, with the 20% discount was ($75 shimmer collection, $90 metal collection) $132 plus $2.99 for priority shipping and tax. I encountered no issues with the purchase process, nor did I have any problems with the discount code. I received a shipment confirmation immediately and a shipping notification the following day. The items were received within two business days.

Pigmentation & Color Payoff & Performance:

Once I received the package, I was quite impressed with the quality of the shadows, the presentation of the product, and the wide range of unique shades. Some take issues with finger swatches as a false indication of the true color payoff of eyeshadow products. I am not sure how I necessarily feel about that line of reasoning. I think swatches are useful, but application to the eyes truly varies from person to person. Sometimes user error, oily or dry lids, or a lack of primer or base can alter the true pigmentation of shadows. Nevertheless, I was tremendously mesmerized by the striking depth of the swatches. They were dense swatches, but not bunchy or crumbly. The following day I created a look with the shadows and I was so excited that I ordered the Aurora 1 & Aurora 2 collections. I want to make a not here that I did not purchase or test any of the matte shadows for many reasons, but mostly because I am particularly interested in foiled, shimmer, glitter and cream shadows. So, in essence, I cannot speak to the performance of the matte shadows. What I can say is that I own every shimmery/foil shadow made by Looxi Beauty. I can also speak to magnificent color payoff and incredibly extraordinary staying power.

Overall Product Presentation:

I really have a special attachment to Independent Brands. It is indicative of what I try to accomplish as a writer and influencer. Independent brands often speak to the diversity and willingness to reach out to the everyday consumer, while often providing quality products at a reasonable price. That is not to say that I don’t have both respect & love for major brands because let’s just be honest, Lorac Cosmetics was my first makeup love. However, the underdog, the little man, the lesser known brand is making strides to make an impact on the cosmetic market. Looxi Beauty is one of these brands. They provide a quality product at a reasonable price, execute excellent customer service, and create a purchase process experience that is user-friendly and uncomplicated. There website is simple and straightforward. There is no hidden agenda or misunderstood cost. It’s an excellent brand and I am quite satisfied my purchases from Looxi Beauty. Although, I am not able to speak to the quality of their matte shades and that particular formula, I can vouch for high quality, beautiful foiled shades that are inimitable.


Looxi Aurora 1

Looxi - Shimmers, Aurora 2,
Precious Metals, Free Love Metals
Third Palette Bottom 2 Rows: Aurora 1 & Aurora 2

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