Monday, November 6, 2017

A Palette & A Partner - Week 30

My eyeshadow collection is continuing to expand and I am totally ok with it. A lot of people feel like you should declutter products for one reason or another, but I am a collector and although many, many, many of palettes are unused, it's my collection & my money & I can do what I want to AS LONG as it doesn't hurt anyone, including myself. I would love to film an eyeshadow collection video, but I don't know much about editing and it would be super duper long. Below is this week's picks that were selected by Please forgive the terrible shots of the selection process! I did not select a particular foundation, blush or highlighter because I am still enjoying last week's products. 

Colourpop - Semi Precious

NYX - Ultimate Multi Finish Palette in Sugar High

Makeup Geek - Manny MUA Palette

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