Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Product Review & Haul - O - Day ***Bare Minerals Holiday Eyeshadow Palette Collection***

Price & Purchase Process & Packaging:

The three palettes that I am reviewing from Bare Minerals are listed below. Each palette was acquired over a 3-week period and tested individually for a full week. I feel like I have a thorough understanding how the shadows apply, the performance and wear time of the shadows, and an idea of the various eye looks that can be created using these palettes. All palettes arrive at my home undamaged and each palette had suitable packaging, both outer and inner, that demonstrated the concept of said palette. I was particularly impressed with The Hidden Treasures palette, which is a Holiday exclusive specifically marketed at Ulta. This palette was packaged in a sturdy metal construct with a beautiful decorative feature on the face of the palette. The palette contains gold and silver accents and truly captures that idea of the Holiday season. It holds a truly classic and Christmas thematic idealism in a sleek and compact design. 
  • bareNaturals – 14 shades, dual-ended brush, Ulta $45
  • The Nature of Nudes – 14 shades, 0.04 oz. each, Ulta $42
  • The Hidden Treasures 18.0 Ready Palette – 18 shades, holiday exclusive, Ulta $46

Pigmentation & Color Payoff & Performance:

Up until purchasing these palettes, my experience with Bare Minerals was limited to their Complexion Rescue Foundation (excellent) and 2 Holiday quads that I purchased from Poshmark. I enjoy these products immensely and I am principally fond of the Complexion Rescue Foundation, but that’s neither here, nor there.

To be quite frank, although I enjoyed these palettes quite thoroughly, there was no need to purchase all three because they are pretty similar. There may be some slight, and I mean very slight differences in shade tone and texture, but the palettes are entirely too similar to purchase the trio. Bare Minerals makes quality eyeshadows, there is no denying that. They are all creamy and packed with color, but they rarely deviate from their comfort zone. Have you ever seen an editorial palette from the brand? Not that I can recall. In terms of everyday wearable shadows that are work appropriate but still are able to be utilized for a sultry sexy evening look, Bare Minerals has these types of eye looks on lockdown, along with Tarte. With that being said, wouldn’t you like to see something funky, true foiled metallic shades, with a tinge of theatre color?? I would definitely pay money to see a company like Bare Mineral do something completely different that is trendy, yet retro inspired, that brings innovation and creativity to an entirely new level. Just a thought!

Overall Product Presentation:

So, do I think these palettes are decent? Yes, I actually think that they are way above decent. They are really good quality shadows with a very dense and pigmented presentation. Here’s the issue. . They are too damn similar and very, very ordinary. Nothing shocking, nothing outrageous, nothing that makes you say, “damn, that’s the palette I want to buy.” If you are an every day working Jane or Joe and you’re looking for natural, reliable, beautiful shades, then by all means, grab one of these palettes, but if you are looking for outrageous and groundbreaking eyeshadows that will shake your socks off, this ain’t the one for you, hon.

Rating: 3.5/5

bareMineral - bare naturals

bareMinerals - The Nature of Nudes

bareMinerals - The Hidden Treasure

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