Saturday, November 11, 2017

Panning Project 2018 - Update #1

Panning Project Products:
·       Becca Highlighter - Opal #1
·       Lorac Pro 1 #2
·       Too Faced - Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette #3
·       Urban Decay - Naked Basics 2 #4 - #9
·       Sephora - Blushed Bronzed & Ready To Glow (Bronzer & Warm Blush) #10 & #11
·       Wet N Wild Single Shadows (2) & Laura Mercier Single Shadows (2) #12 - #15
·       Tarte Contour Kit (Original) Blush, Contour 1 & Contour 2 #16-#18

If you are a faithful reader or follow me on any of my social media accounts, you would know that I have a ridiculous amount of makeup, particularly eyeshadow palettes. This panning project is a pretty lofty attempt to really focus on using up some products so that I can rotate through my collection more efficiently. In coming weeks, I will be posting about a protentional #nobuy and possible declutter. Unlike many men & women with extensive collections, I don’t really feel a need to scale back my collection in the name of conservation and anti-consumerism. Although I am a proponent of the recent anti-consumerism movement that has captivated the beauty community, I chose to participate in the movement in a different way. Decluttering and issuing a personal #nobuy may or may not be conducive to my values or my perception of consumerism and how it affects myself and the greater good. I respect each individual’s right to tackle the nuisance of consumerism and gluttonous spending on a personal level, while maintaining their responsibility as global citizens. The way I look at my collection is that it is a hobby and interest that reveals my creativity in both my writing and my eye look artistry, expands my concept of beauty and aesthetic imagery, and provides an opportunity to grow and learn in a flourishing industry which is finding place for middle age women of color.

I have made some headway with 3 products in particular: Becca Highlighter in Opal, Lorac Pro 1, and Tarte Contour Kit. I realized this week that my goal to pan eighteen products, which isn’t necessarily divided by pans was a little ridiculous. I included two entire palettes as one product each instead of counting individuals pans. Since I have a weekly palette, blush, highlighter and foundation rotation, it might be a little difficult to pan all the items I intend to pan, but rest assured I am going to try my damnedest. I will be posting an update each month on the 10th occasionally with pictures. To check out the initial post about my Panning Project 2018 click  HERE!

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