Sunday, November 19, 2017

Product Review & Haul ***Strobe Cosmetics***

Price & Purchase Process & Packaging:

I know that I am a difficult consumer. I expect excellent customer service, a pleasant customer experience, clear communication, and thorough and accurate service delivery. I expect these things because it is the practice method that I would strive to provide my customers, who chose to spend their hard earned money on my product, trusting that I will honor their confidence in me and my brand with the highest level of ethical customer relations. As with all my reviews, I give factual information based on my personal experience with a brand. I understand that there will be the occasional mishap or unforeseen & unpredictable circumstance, but a brand must continue to move swiftly in such events and service their clientele in a professional way that indicates a desire to offer a customer experience that the consumer will remember favorably. With all this being said, I would like to detail my personal experience with Strobe Cosmetics and the subpar and unprofessional behavior demonstrated and poor or rather complete lack of communication or rectification or acknowledgment of a truly dissatisfied customer.

On 9/15/2017 a payment was sent to Strobe Cosmetics via Paypal for $130.40. The order was to include their entire eyeshadow collection, as well as the Dragon Bay Collection. To be specific, the page that featured the entire collection said:

Our Entire Pressed Eyeshadow Pan Bundle includes our entire line of thirty buttery pressed eyeshadows.
(Does not include the Bay of Dragons Collection)
These shadows are packaged without our black mirrored compact, and work in all magnetic freestyle palettes.
Original price: $195.00
- Vegan.
- Each pan holds approx. 2.5 grams of product.
- Excluded from coupons
Nowhere in the body of the page featuring the entire collection does it say that it takes a ridiculous amount of time to make the shadows.

On 9/25/2017 the collection shipped BUT the order wasn’t received until October 9th AND upon open the package, I discovered several shadows complete unusable and/ or destroyed. I emailed Strobe Cosmetics and received an email the same day saying that they had been out of the office since WEDNESDAY, and couldn’t respond to emails. My first thought was, “Why the hell not? Do you live in outer space where business cell phones don’t work or in a cabin in Oregon where you might receive poor reception?” I will say that the email’s tone was apologetic, but not before reminding me that they are a two man operation….Hire More People!!!

Pigmentation & Color Payoff & Performance:

Now, for the upside of the situation where I must trudge through the muck of inadequate customer service and sad excuses (again, hire more people!) After receiving the replacement shadows which arrived 11/1/2017 5 weeks after the order was initiated, I decided to at least see if this lofty and time consuming investment was worth a damn, and I have to say, thank God I was pleasantly surprised. All the shadows are shimmer or foil shadows, a couple with a duochrome tinged to it. One thing I really love about these shadows is that contrary to popular belief, these are the kids of shades you can use in the crease, even though they have a sheen to them. They are not chunky or glittery, buy instead they’re emollient and creamy with a sophisticated and glamorous sheen that doesn’t provide an awkward appearance in the crease and looks amazingly wonderful on the lid. The combination that I used several times was Urban Princess, Candy Drop, Elixir, and Her Majesty and it made for a very effervescent, vivacious, and vibrant eye look that was perfect for a day full of sunshine or an wild and exotic evening with that special someone.

So, yeah, Bougie Brie, the shadows of great pigmentation….but do blend? What about the wearability of the shadows? I got it guys, I am here for you! The shadows blend incredibly well and the color dispense equally throughout specific areas, like the crease, the lower lashline, and the outer v. The blendability is smooth and effortless and allows the users to buff out any sheen that may make the user uncomfortable with rockin a shimmer shade in the crease. The placement of the shadow and the intended area of disbursement are apparent and easy to navigate.

As far as wear time, I was shocked at how well my eye look lasted. Minimal to no creasing, very little fading, zero to none chunk or flake fall out! I know from experience that purple based shadow are difficult to make. Next to neon colors, it’s one of those shadows that is just a troublemaker. I intentionally tested the purple, so I could see if this company was worth a damn and I am very impressed.

Overall Product Presentation:

Minus one for horrible customer service, damaged products and the length it took to replace it. It really should be minus 2 ✭✭, but I was so impressed with the shadows, I couldn’t drop another star. My experience with Strobe Cosmetics may be an isolated incident. I like to give companies the benefit of the doubt because mistakes happen and we are human assumedly trying to do our best. I would love to try some of Strobe Cosmetics other items, but for now, I don’t want to through the trouble. If you happen to order from them stay on top of your order, when you purchased it, expected ship date, and expected delivery.

Rating: 4/5 ✭✭✭✭✰