Thursday, November 16, 2017

Product Review & Haul ***Too Faced Holiday 2017***

Price & Purchase Process & Packaging:
Let me start off this review with complete honesty. I am not that big of a Too Faced fan for a variety of reasons. I have some of their products, but they are not my favorite brand. This year I decided to invest a bit of money into some of their holiday items for my personal use and for review. I purchased 5 holiday items, 4 of which are limited edition and one that is a permanent item. I purchased The Best Year Ever ($49), Just Peachy Mattes ($45), I Want Kandee Candy Eyes ($45), Boss Lady Beauty Agenda ($58), Pretty Little Planner ($42). All items were purchased from either Ulta or Sephora depending on what products were contracted to either vendor. All products were received in excellent condition and each was packaged in the innovative, feminine, and whimsical idealism associated with Too Faced products.

·       Just Peachy Mattes – shadows packaged in a over-sized compact with a clutch type latch; face of the product adorned in a peach to crème type ombre effect, with gold lettering and gold edging
·       I Want Kandee Candy Eyes – face packaged in baby pink with gold lettering with an outward beveled top
·       Boss Lady Beauty Agenda – eyeshadows packaged with a baby pink sizeable planner with a zipper that encompasses the product from top to bottom; planner is made of a “pleather” like material and contains script lettering printed in gold, similar to the rest of the collection
·       Pretty Little Planner – eyeshadow packaged in a mint green “pleather” planner with a zipper containing a gold/brass tassel and lettering similar to the tassel
·       The Best Year Ever – packaging houses three small palettes & a pocket planner; with a little gold face & a more gold/brass lettering, the packing has detailed chevron pint all the back and binding of the planner which is made of a “pleather” like material

Pigmentation & Color Payoff & Performance:

My evaluation of pigmentation, color payoff & performance is based on my rather large and gluttonous eyeshadow collection. When I evaluate these categories I look at several things, including price per gram, other brands in the same or similar price brackets, and the originality of the product. For example, I wouldn’t compare Too Faced to let’s say Natasha Denona. Why? Price per gram, different price bracket and one I consider a luxury brand and the other is high – end. Different expectation for different levels of product.

A lot of consumers like Too Faced eyeshadow formula. They find it particularly useful for every day, practical, work looks, and it is beginner friendly eyeshadow brand. I think this estimation of the brand’s eyeshadow formula is true and it’s Chocolate Bar Palette was among the first group of eyeshadow palettes I purchased. With that being said, Too Faced is notorious for two issues consumers & beauty experts have complained about over the last several years: 1) their limited-edition & holiday products are subpar in quality and 2) they recycle their shadow concepts over and over again. I have never purchased any of Too Faced’s holiday collection items and the buzz about this year’s holiday items was highly promoted personally by the brand’s owner Jerrod Blandino. I purposed myself to buy several of Too Faced’s holiday items because I wanted to see if the negative evaluations of the brand’s past holiday items were valid. So, I purchased all the items listed above at full price.
During the evaluation of each eyeshadow palette, it was apparent to me that the Just Peachy Mattes Palette & The I Want Kandee Candy Eyes Palette were significantly better quality that the other three items I purchased. The agenda palette were a pretty average rendering of their patent varying neutral brown shades with a singular dark shadow pressed with obnoxious and unusable glitter. Go look at their last several holiday palette, hell, even their coveted Chocolate Bar Series along with the Sweet Peach Palette contains a multitude of brown shades with only slight variations that certainly don’t make a significant color difference when applied to the eye. So, if you like neutral brown shades, or are looking for a holiday gift for a novice makeup wearer or a teenager, then the agenda palettes might be worth the investment. Quite honestly, they scream “recycled gimmick” but I am sure there is a particular circumstance or personal that would find these palettes both practical and useful. They are just not useful, practical, or interesting enough for me and I will probably gift them to my niece.

Now, on a completely different hand, both the I Want Kandee & Just Peachy Mattes palette are probably the best palettes that Too Faced has ever produced. The Just Peachy Mattes palette is full of intoxicating colors which is arranged in an ombre peach color dynamic that is useful for many skin tones and depths of color. The shadows are creamy in texture and apply evenly and blend well. Definitely an upgrade in the quality department for this palette and I would dare to say that this is one of my favorite matte palettes in terms of texture, wear time, color selection, and brown-girl friendly product. On to the I Want Kandee palette….In terms of shade selection, the palette is mediocre, boring and reminiscent of many of Too Faced’s previous neutral brown palettes. There is nothing new or creative about the shade selection in any way. However, the quality of this palette far surpasses any of the Chocolate Bar palettes – hands down. Similar to the Just Peachy palette, the matte shadows are considerably creamy, dense in color, yet easily blendable on the eyes. The shimmer shadows are beautiful and pair well with the mattes and the palette is arranged in a cohesive and sensible way. Both the Just Peachy & the I Want Kandee palettes are worth the investment if you’re in the market for shades in these tones.

Overall Product Presentation:

I purchased a significant portion of Too Faced’s Holiday Collection. I think all the products have a place in this competitive market, although some products are superior to others. The agenda palette are perfect for that teenagers, college student or just people who like to collect Too Faced’s products. If you are expecting the agenda palettes to be revolutionary & innovative products, you will disappointed. The agenda palettes are replicas of Too Faced’s neutral brown toned shades that are seen in every Chocolate Bar palette, several of the 9 pan palettes, and even the Natural Love palette. But in Too Faced’s defense, the concept and idea of the palette is quite genius and is marketed to young millennials. The packaging is cute, and festive, but also very gimmicky. If Too Faced laid off the over the top packaging, an market specific concepts and invested their money in producing quality products time and time again, then I would be impressed. On the flip side, the Just Peachy Mattes palette & the I Want Kandee palette speaks to what Too Faced is capable of: classy, but not over the top packaging, quality shadows, and products that are not specifically marketed towards millennials.

Rating: 3/5

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