Sunday, December 3, 2017

Bougie Brie's Monthly Bummers - November Edition

  Bottom Five of the Month - NOVEMBER 👎👎                                                                                     
  • It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream: I think at one point I featured this product and it’s sister formula in a Bougie Brie’s Monthly Best in Beauty, but over time, my feelings have drastically changed. Part of being an excellent, not just average or mediocre, reviewer is thoroughness. It is difficult to compose a fully formed, objective, and critically informed idea without being conclusively thorough and what the hell does that mean? Consumers are relying on both my objectivity and adequate & sufficient research in order to form an opinion whether or not a purchase is appropriate for them. Is it an economically wise decision? Does the product work for my skin tone, texture, and sebum activity? Is the product person of color friendly, or pale person friendly? It is improbable & impossible to address all these areas of importance when a reviewer tests the product a couple of times, and then writes a half-ass, uninformed, damn near negligent review about a product. So, my observation of this product has changed over time because I have thoroughly tested it and it is not the right match for my skin, it creates additional sebum activity, and separates at the nose and chin. 2 thumbs down!

  • It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream Illumination:  So, exactly the same situation as above except this foundation is worse because of the illumination factor, which is just straight up, greasy bacon face. You can set your face until pigs fly, but I promise you that within the hour you’ll be an oil slick. There’s illumination and then there’s greasy. This product is not meant for combination/oily skin. Just trust me on this, ok?

  • Wet n Wild – I’m Getting Sunburned:  I am a big Wet n Wild fan. One of the most inexpensive quality products at the drug store. As with any product line, there are hits and misses and this product can miss me completely. Although limited, the color selection really stinks, and the crease color is entirely too dark and too pigmented. Not my favorite from this brand!
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara: I received this product as part of a bundle with a purchase and I decided I would try it. Now, I am a die hard L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara lover but sometimes it’s a good thing to try out other items. One, you might discover something new you enjoy and find useful or two, you’ll go running back to your old faithful with tears and apologies. Guess what I did? Not the mascara for me.

  • Essence Kajal Pencil in 01 Black: You ever heard that old adage, you get what you pay for? Well, I paid $1.99 for this eyeliner and it’s just terrible. I just got it last week on the recommendation of a friend. I have been having trouble with my eyeliner running (side note, if you know a solution for this leave it in the comments). This eyeliner didn’t run but it evaporated into thin air – POOF! I love Essence’s Translucent Mattifying Powder, but this wasn’t worth the $1.99

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