Thursday, December 21, 2017

Featured Post & Haul ***Morphe's New Look & Making the Transition***

Clearly over the last several months Morphe Brushes has been making the transition from "Indie" Brand to mainstream makeup mogul. Recently I wrote a very candid review about the 35O & 35O2 palettes from Morphe, which you can find HERE! Most often, when I post a review I also post it on Reddit. When I posted the above linked review in a subreddit that specifically highlights Indie brands, I caught a rash of comments regarding Morphe's status as an Indie Brand. My feelings are that Morphe is attempting to transition to a major cosmetics brand and that their wavering standing as Indie is a topic of interest and discussion on a subreddit. Seems as though many disagree, which is fine, and I am ok with that. What are your feelings about Morphe? What do you consider their status to be regarding mainstream and indie? I would love to know. Please comment below!

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