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Haul - O - Day & Product Review: ***Morphe 35O & 35O2***

Price & Purchase Process & Packaging:

I was newly active in the beauty community when influencers, consumers, and brands lots their minds over the entrance of Morphe Brushes onto the competitive floor of the growing Indie makeup market. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE was going goofy for the coveted 35O. Yes, the illustrious Morphe 35O. It was the glass slipper to what would be a fairytale story of the rise of Morphe as a ground-breaking Indie company using social media marketing, influencers, and millennial capital to revamp the way the beauty industry conducted profitable business.

When the 35O was released, I did not purchase it for several reasons, but mostly because it was constantly sold out. Everyone wanted one, and every cutie pie with a smile had one. I didn’t purchase the 35O until late October of this year. I ordered both the 35O & the 35O2 on October 18th and my shipment arrived, safe and sound, on October 23rd via UPS. I purchased the items directly from the Morphe website. Although Morphe has now found a spot on the shelves of Ulta Beauty stores across the country, the 35O2 was not available via Ulta’s website at the time I ordered.

Pigmentation & Color Payoff & Performance:

After receiving the shipment, I noticed that I wasn’t as excited as I normally am to open up new products. I was looking forward to what was inside. The fact of the matter is that the reason I never really bothered to invest time, money or energy into obtaining the 35O was because it was trendy….it was what everyone else had and it was propelled by the force of social media, influencer endorsements, and discount codes, and it really wasn’t that damn original – to me at least. However, when the 35O2 came out I told myself that I would at least give the palettes an opportunity to WOW me. So, when I opened up the package, I readjusted my attitude and frame of mind, and thought to myself, “Ok, Morphe 35O & 35O2, show me what you got!” Let me start with the 35O…

Upon first glance, I realized that the palette had potential. The colors were generally flattering to most skin tones, in particular, medium to deep skin tones. Additionally, for the most part, I would say 25/35 shades swatched well and produced significant pigment. Now, I have seen influencer after influencer with discount codes endorse Morphe. I have also seen small-time YouTube mildly endorse Morphe as well. Many speak to the palettes creamy matte shades, but that is far from the experience that this reviewer encountered. I found the majority of the mattes to be pigmented but incredibly chalky, dusty, and ashy. Most consumers understand that with pigment comes a little excess dust or fall out like with the Lorac Pro palette or the Modern Renaissance, but the mattes in the 35O are dusty and gritty. That’s the only way I can describe it. As for the shimmers, which or more like foiled shades, they are rich in pigment, but they are chunky. Now, chunky actually doesn’t bother me. I don’t mind it at all because I know techniques and methods to work around chunky foiled shades, but others may not, so I think that’s really a relative issue per consumer. I paid $23 for the palette and to be honest, I got what I paid for. Was it revolutionary? No… Was it the best palette ever? No…. What I will say is that it is a fair product for the money I paid for it and the value of the product is not determined by the amount paid but by the meaning, importance, and emotion the person attributes to the product. Does that make sense? The last thing I want to mention about the 35O is that although they are very pretty colors, appropriate for fall and people of color friendly, there is a serious overload of brown, brownish, taupe, red-brown shades. How many shades of brown does a palette need and why are there literally 4 shadows of the same shade? Am I wrong? Is that just me? Moving on…

So, if you haven’t noticed, I am a bit sarcastic, but in that sarcasm is there is my version of tempered truth. When I opened the 35O2, the first thing I thought to myself was, “Ok this is the reverse of the 35O. This is a predominantly orange palette, with slight variations of the same orangey fall shade, and the same amount of browns in this palette as there are orange shades in the 35O. You follow me so far? Look at the two palettes side by side. One is primarily a palette inundated with brown shades with slight variations from shade to shade with a light sprinkling of orange shades. The other palette is an overwhelming presentation of orange fall-type shades with a pinch of brown (mainly for the crease). I know that I am not the only person in humanity that notices this incredibly simple and frankly creatively lazy flip-flop of color palettes within these two palettes. And I press on….

Regardless of the 3502’s lackluster attempt at creativity, there is a noticeable difference in the texture and the quality of the shades. In all honesty, the palette does have a certain amount of seasonal appeal and again, it caters to varying skin tones, eye & hair colors. Although I have my criticism of the palettes unsophisticated color combination (unlike the Jaclyn Hill Palette), I am slightly impressed with the smoothness & consistency of both the matte and shimmer shades. These shadows are a vast improvement over the 35O. They apply better, the last longer on the eyelids, and they even appear more vibrant in most eye looks I created. Another improvement made to the palette is the plastic insert with shade names. I personally like the shade names printed on the palette itself, but Natasha Denona does the whole plastic insert thing too, so it must not be that important to me, right? It is an improvement and especially useful for millennials that want to follow along with their favorite YouTuber in a tutorial. Definitely, a good mood for Morphe since the inception of their company was motivated by the social media machine, including YouTube.

Overall Product Presentation:

I want to see that despite my review, I own several Morphe palettes. Maybe 7 or 10 or so. I own them for review purposes, for the amount of product you receive for the price, and because they’re popular. That’s right, I fell for the hype. The truth about the Morphe is that they are improving. Their products are hit and miss and these two palettes are examples of that. It’s a fair to good product, especially for the amount money you pay. If I had to choose one palette over the other it would clearly be the 35O and if I didn’t have shades similar to the one in that palette I would repurchase the product. I think when a product is in the affordable bracket and the amount of product offered is gratuitous relative to the price, the value is indicated by the consumer. If you think these palettes have “value” then they do – to you, and essentially that’s what matters.

Rating: 3/5


Morphe 35O

Morphe 35O2

Morphe - 9A

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