Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Panning 18 in '18 - Update #2 December

Panning Project Products:
  • ·       Becca Highlighter - Opal #1
  • ·       Lorac Pro 1 #2
  • ·       Too Faced - Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette #3
  • ·       Urban Decay - Naked Basics 2 #4 - #9
  • ·       Sephora - Blushed Bronzed & Ready To Glow (Bronzer & Warm Blush) #10 & #11
  • ·       Wet N Wild Single Shadows (2) & Laura Mercier Single Shadows (2) #12 - #15
  • ·       Tarte Contour Kit (Original) Blush, Contour 1 & Contour 2 #16-#18

So, this is more difficult than I first envisioned….I did not realize what I was getting myself into. More and more it is coming to the very forefront of my consciousness that really enjoy my beauty items and beauty room or that I have a seriously deluded view of appropriate monetary spending. It might a combo type situation. Since I have so much makeup and I refused to declutter anything in a substantial manner, I find it difficult to make any serious headway with panning my items. Wait, let me take that back. I have a couple of products with dents, so I can’t totally deny that progress isn’t happening. It’s probably not happening in the way I want it to. Being the type of woman I am, things have to go a certain, very particular way or anarchy ensues. I wish I was a more relaxed kinda gal, but that’s not my way. I am trying to give myself credit for the progress made, and focus on what I can do to further progression. It may go back to the initial idea that I have way too much makeup, but for the moment, I am totally ok with it.

So, I have never attempted to pan some of my collection, and most people, not all, but most people who pan are interested in a type of minimalism or better use of their products and frankly, I am interested in neither. Is that the wrong attitude to have in this type of challenge? Good thing that I can make my panning project about what I want to instead a journey towards minimalism. For me, I haven’t quite determined what panning is about in terms of this project and that’s ok. Sometimes you start something and don’t exactly know where you’re going but you just move forward and figure it out. That’s the cool thing about individualism. Hopefully, in my future updates, I can better define what this project is supposed to look like. I have a little over a year to figure it out and I am continually doing research on what panning is to others. Updates are scheduled to come on or around the 10th. I’ll keep you posted!

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