Thursday, January 18, 2018

Featured Post - #NoBuy & #LowBuy ****#GOALS2018****

#NoBuy & #LowBuy #GOALS2018

As some of you know, I have been researching better ways to utilize my makeup collection, as well as, better ways to manage the amount of money I spend on beauty/skin care products every month. I actually totaled up my eyeshadow palette collection yesterday and in eyeshadow palettes alone, both customizable and premade/readymade palettes, I have a whopping total of 509 palettes. These palettes are divided into the following areas: customizable, high-end, large, small high-end, luxury, & affordable. I have a significant number of blushes, highlighters, face palettes, foundations, powders, skin & body care products, and I even have a backup box. I have said and will continue to say that I am not ashamed of the number of products I own, nor am I on a journey towards minimalism. I am simply looking at how, why, and how much money I spend on beauty, skin & body care products. I have many products that I adore, but I don’t get the opportunity to use them as much because of the excess of products I have. I also I have products that I purchased last year that I still have not used. Over the last 6 months, I have donated and given many things away to others that I think would get better use out of my products. The guide below is a method to help me use and abuse my current stash, and pull back on excessive buying. Now, this guide may not be cutthroat enough for YOU, but TRUST ME, this is a serious tone down in spending and excessive collecting. I would love to hear your thoughts. Keep in mind that I am a single woman, unattached, and have no children. I pay my bills and my money is my own. I have no other financial responsibilities in which other people are to be considered.

Beauty Finances #nobuy #lowbuy
1.     $125 Beauty/Cosmetics Budget per Month, not including subscription boxes
2.     8 Eyeshadow Brands Allowed To Purchase From Throughout 2018
a.        Natasha Denona
b.       Kat Von D
c.        Colourpop
d.       Juvia’s Place
e.       Anastasia Beverly Hills
f.         Lorac
g.        Coloured Raine
h.       Tarte
3.     Total of 1 non-allowed eyeshadow brand purchases per month (non-essential)
4.   Total of 2 non-essential purchases per month
5.     Exception made during Ulta Prestige 20% off sale and VIB Rouge Sale: In the month of the sale(s), cannot purchase more than $250 in products and all #nobuy products are eligible for purchase. If both sales occur in the same month, total amount spent cannot exceed $275 and #nobuy products are eligible for purchase with a limit of one #nobuy item per category, i.e. Blush, Highlighters, etc.
6.   Strict #nobuys
a.     No blushes
b.     No highlighters
c.     No eyeliners
d.     No mascaras
e.     No single shadows
f.      No primers
g.     No face powders or setting powders with the exception of the following powders: Too Faced Foundation Powder, Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder, Too Faced Mattifying Setting Powder, Lorac Perfection Powder
h.     No brushes
i.      No skincare, with the exception of no available backup
j.      No candles
k.     No body care
l.      No concealer
7.   Foundations – Must pare down foundation collection to no more than 6 foundations by the end of 2018
8.   Subscription Boxes – No more than 3 active subscription boxes a month with a total not to exceed $60
9.   Mandatory quarterly evaluation of inventory: January, April, August, December
10.  Makeup Rehab Inventory to be completed by February 15th, 2018
11.  Only one Limelight purchase per month not to exceed $50

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