Friday, January 5, 2018

***Introducing - Review, Rate & Rotate****

Due to the many hats I wear as a writer, a child care specialist, a daughter, a sister, etc. I have begun to really focus on organizing my posts in a more efficient way. Because I am taking on more responsibilities in 2018, it is really important that I am consistent with my posting schedule. It is my objective that my posting schedule will look something like this:

  • Monday - Palette & Product Rotation
  • Wednesday - Product Review
  • Thursday - Featured Post
    • 1st Thursday of the Month - Previous Month's Monthly Empties
    • 2nd Thursday of the Month - Project Pan 18 in '18 Monthly Update
    • 3rd Thursday of the Month - Varying Topics of Interests
    • 4th Thursday of the Month - Monthly Best in Beauty/Bummers (Rotate every other month)
  • Friday - Haul - O - Day!!!
  • Sunday - Review, Rate, and Rotate!!!
So, let's talk about the Sunday Feature - Review, Rate & Rotate. In an upocoming post I will be discussing my goals/objectives for my collection this upcoming years and while I am by no means trying to be a minimalist, I do want to get better use out of my collection. Last year, I started a series called, A Palette & A Partner, which is now called Palette & Product Rotation. I will be rotating my eyeshadow palettes, eyeshadow singles, blushes, highlighters, bronzers, lip products, foundations and powders every week. There will be a product from each category but the number of products in each category will differ week to week. For example, one week I may have 2 blushes and the next I may have only one, but every week there will be a product from the aboved listed categories. 

The Palette & Product Rotation will post on every Monday and on the following Sunday there will be a series post called, Review, Rate & Rotate! This series will provide mini reviews over every product used for the week, a rating  for the product, and information about whether the product will stay in the following week's rotation, go back to it's comfy little spot in my collection OR rotate out of my collection entirely.

Again, this is not a KonMari thing, which I absolutely respect or a journey toward minimalism. This is simple loving what I have and having what I love.

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