Sunday, January 21, 2018

Review, Rate, & Rotate ****Week #3****

This Week's Review, Rate & Rotate Group - Check for individual products below!

Marc Jacobs All About Last Night: Review - I really enjoyed this palette this week and found it the perfect work appropriate, everyday eyeshadow palette the one can easily smoke out for an evening look. Heavy with neutral and cool shades, the palette isn't for everyone and I think that the price isn't proportional to the product, but I enjoyed the palette nonetheless. Rate - 7/10 I feel like Marc Jacobs makes amazing products across the board, but that they are just not priced according to the product performance. Also, this palette isn't particularly diverse or able to pull of warm tone looks. Rotate - This product will remain in my collection for the moment and I anticipate getting better use out of it.

Colourpop Fem Rosa "She" Palette: Review - Colourpop is on the list of eyeshadow brands I am allowing myself to purchase from in 2018. I wanted to be sure to include a versatile, affordable, quality brand and this palette speaks to those attributes. A beautiful and easy to navigate palette with deep richness and a well developed color scheme. Rate  10/10 From the packaging, to the color palette, to the quality and affordability, I honestly have nothing but positive glowing things to say about this palette. Rotate - This is not leaving my collection for a very long time and you will probably see that trend with all of my Colourpop eyeshadow products.

Coloured Raine - Mini Palette in Beauty Rust: Review - This is a super little palette. Great pigment and an awesome color layout. I have similar palettes in my collection, but that shade "Daisy" is stunning in the crease with "Recharge" in the outer corner. Rate - 8.5/10 I am always down for supporting a black owned makeup brand (Black Owned Brands in general), so I love that I am supporting a black owned makeup brand that produces quality products. The shadows are a little dusty, but I'll live through it and I think the price isn't quite appropriate, especially if you wanted to purchase all 4 minis. I think Coloured Raine could do a better job on their pricing.

Okolan Liquid Metal Eyeshadow Palettte: Review - This is an amazing little palette from Okolan. 6 mega foiled eyeshadows that easily apply with both the finger and a brush for amazing color pay off. Affordable & definitely a noteworthy brand. Rate - 7/10 The packaging leaves a bit to be desired, but simple packaging lowers the overall price, yet it doesn't aid with the memorability of an item. For most makeup lovers, the palette has to be used in tandem with another palette for practical purposes, so that's a bit of an inconvenience. Rotate - This will stay in my collection for a little bit longer, but will definitely be looked at closer during my next declutter.

Lancome Teint Idole:  Review - A beautiful foundation when one can figure out what primer to use with it. It's a tad finicky, especially for the price. Rate - 5/10 Way too much of a hassle to wear. Very inconsistent, but when it plays well with other products it looks amazing. Rotate - I will be looking for another home for this product. Maybe some one else can appreciate it better than I am able to. Hourglass Vanishing Stick: Review - Another difficult foundation, but I figure out that it only works with the Hourglass primer. Any other primer and I have major problem. I have used a lot of this product and I think it looks amazing when all product play well together. Rate: 7/10 Not my favorite foundation, but definitely one that I enjoy. Rotate: I am at the end of this product and I have a backup, so I will be using it until it is finished. Peach Perfect Mattifying Foundation: Review - A decent effort from Too Faced. It doesn't have the coverage that I usually like, but I definitely enjoy it and I would consider repurchasing. Works well with the Peach Setting Powder. Rate: 6/10 Do I like it, yes...Do I love it, not quite. NOT for women who require full coverage foundations. Rotate - I will be using this product until it is completely finished. Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation: Review -  I have no idea what I am doing wrong with this foundation, but I am keeping it in another rotation until I figure it out. It is difficult to make work and I think it's another foundation that I should avoid using primer. UD Optical Illusion: Review - This is one of my absolute favorite primers. I have two back ups and I use it frequently. Rate - 8/10 Just works with my skin and most of my foundations. Rotate - I will be finishing this product and moving on to the back up.
Soap & Glory Peach Party: Review - I originally had this listed in my inventory as a highlighter due to my skin tone, but this works better as an actual blush. Rate - 6/10 Great as a lightly shimmering blush, but too costly for the drugstore. Rotate - Staying in my collection for now! Essence Satin Coral: Review - The idea of paying a lot of money for a blush is ridiculous to me, if you can get equally good performance from a drugstore foundation. The only high-end brand blush I buy is Tarte, but seriously, I really could just use drugstore! Excellent blush, beautiful on the skin, long-lasting. Rate - 8/10 Beautiful on my skin, lasts all day, and you can't beat the price. Although Essence could work on the shade selection. Rotate - This blush will be sticking around in my collection for a while longer.