Monday, February 5, 2018

Bi - Monthly Review, Rate, Rotate (Palette & Product Rotation Weeks 3 & 4)

This series highlights all products that I have put into my Palette & Product rotation from the prior two weeks. Most often, this will be posted on Mondays, but sometimes I run a bit behind. Below are all the products used over the last two weeks. I provide a mini review, rate the product on a 10 point scale, and decide whether the product will remain in my collection or rotate into a more suitable home. Review, Rate, & Rotate will be bi-weekly, and posted on the Sunday before the next two-week cycle. Weekly Palette & Product Rotation will happen on Mondays (most often) and will feature different type of products from foundations, to eyeshadow palettes, to bronzers, and everything in between.
BH Cosmetics - Zodiac Palette : Review: I listed this in my top five of the month. Great product for the price, available online directly from BH Cosmetics or Ulta, and produces great pigment for the novice and expert alike. Rate: 8/10 Given the affordable price and the performance, I find this to be an excellent product. I actually got this during a huge BH Cosmetics sale, and I am happy I decided to give it a try. Rotate: Nope, not rotating....absolutely staying put!

Morphe 35F Fall into Frost: Review:  I don't know, maybe it's me, but the majority of Morphe's palettes are beginning to look alike. Nevertheless, I really did enjoy this palette and found it appropriate for the season. Great winter/fall colors, four rows of shimmers with one row of mattes....definitely my type of palette. Rate: 6/10 I would say for the price this is an excellent value, however, most of these shade are found in every other Morphe palette. Major deductions for lack of originality, because I could easily make similar looks with other Morphe palettes. 
Coastal Scents - Fall Festival: Review: I hate several of these palettes from Coastal Scents and they are equally as good as Morphe palettes, yet their single shadows have a much wider selection, and the price per single is much lower. Most people know that these lower end brands are private label companies, including Morphe....Well, some say Morphe is producing their own shadows, but they same the same. Anyhow, this is a very good product for the price. Rate: 7/10 I think the variety in these 12 pan palettes are quite unique. I believe I own all of Coastal Scents 12 pan palettes, and each is quite different and this is no exception. Is it the best quality? No, it's not, but for the price, I'll take it. Rotate: I haven't decided what to do with this palette yet. I think my plan is to rotate through all of the 12 pan palettes I have and then declutter the ones I am not interested in keeping. For now, this one stays.

Lime Crime Pocket Candy Palette: Review: I have to say that I was not impressed with this palette, especially for the price and my experience with other Lime Crime products. I purchased all 3 Pocket Candy Palettes and I hope that I am not disappointed with the other two palettes. Rate: 5/10 The pigmentation of this palette was lackluster at best, but my hope is that the other two palettes in this series will be better. Rotate: This will remain my collection until the other two palettes are tested. Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to try this palette again at a later date with a possibly different result.

Lorac Porefection, Lorac Natural Performance, Smashbox Studio Skin,
and L.A.Girl Pro Coverage: Review: 
In reference to all above foundations, I have decluttered the LA Girl Pro Coverage, and I plan to use up the other three foundations with no intentions of repurchasing. Rate: Lorac Porefection - 7/10 Possibly a good foundation, but way too dark. Lorac Natural Performace - 5/10 Too dewy of a foundation and wrong color. Smashbox Studio Skin - 6/10 Nothing too spectacular about this foundation. Would be able to get the same result from a drugstore foundation. L.A. Girl Pro Coverage - 3/10 The absolute wrong foundation for my skin type. Way too oily and looks awful on me. Rotate: I have no interest in purchasing these foundations in the future.
Pur Mineral Foundation Powder, Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder: Review: Both powders are in my top favorites. I have back up of both powders and the Maybelline Powder is my 2nd in 3 months. Holy Grail Items!! Rate:  Both Powders (10/10) Great powders that perform well and are staples in my every day make up looks. Rotate: Not only are these powders not going anywhere, I have multiple back ups of both!

Natasha Denona Lila Palette: Review: Absolutely one of my favorite palettes from ND. I am a Natasha Denona SuperFan and I have nothing but amazing things to say about this product. Vibrant, eclectic, sophisticated, and whimsical, this is a must have in my collection. Rate: 10/10 2 Thumbs UP!!! Love this palette and do not see my relationship with ND eyeshadow palettes ever ending. Rotate: Are you serious? Hell to the no!

LimeLight By Alcone Bare Metals Palette: Review:  I featured this palette on a GRWM on Facebook Live and I was completely impressed. I am a LimeLight Beauty Guide and I wanted to test the products live so you could get my genuine reaction!!! I have spent several weeks testing LimeLight products and of all the opportunities in the cosmetics industry that I have presented to me, this is something that I am 100% behind. Check me out at Rate: 8/10 Very high rating from an extremely critical reviewer on a product I sell...what do you suppose that means? Rotate: Not a snowball's chance in Hell. Staying put with momma.
Morphe Dayslayer Eyeshadow Palette: Review: I guess I am the only one who wants to be honest about Morphe's lack of originality. I like this palette, but I have both the 35 O and the 35 O2 and I honestly can get extremely, if not exact looks out of all three palettes. Rate: 6/10 Morphe loses major points for reproducing the same product to the masses who seem not to notice, but on the plus side, I will probably be getting rid of the 35 O and the 35 O2. Rotate: For the time being, I ill be keeping this palette with great hesitation.

Urban Decay The Fun Palette:  This is going into this week's group again because I didn't get a lot of use out of it!

It Cosmetics CC Cream, Bare Minerals Complexion Resue & Gorgio Armani Luminous Silk
Review: All three foundations will not be repurchase, but I hope to use them up. I have no real objective rating on any of them, but I just know they are nor for me.