Friday, March 23, 2018

Bi - Monthly Review, Rate, & Rotate (Wks 9 & 10)

Reviewing The Following Week's Palette & Product Rotations

Palette & Product Rotation Week 9

Milani Must Have Metallics & Essence All About Bronze

Review: Excellent eyeshadow palette for the price. Beautiful warm-toned shades that compliment any skin tone. Rate: 7/10 I think this palette is not only worth the very affordable price, it's some of the best eyeshadows, in particular, metallic shades, to come out of the drugstore. Portable and compact, easy for travel or overnight getaway. Rotate: I will be holding on to this little palette to keep in my overnight bag or in my daily makeup bag I carry in my purse. Very impressed with this item.

Review: This palette is extremely expensive, under $6 I believe. I like these little palettes from Essence, but I find that this one doesn't have enough depth in color variety, however, I think for the price it's a more than decent palette and perfect for beginners. Rate: 5.5/10 Unfortunately, although this is a quality affordable palette, 4 of the shades look too similar to make a difference when applied to the skin. Rotate: Considering decluttering this one, but might put it in another rotation to see if I should Keep it or Chuck it (Look for an upcoming post on items in my collection that are on the fence and see whether I should Keep it or Chuck it!)

Kat Von D Mini Metal & Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Review: I love Kat Von D's eyeshadow palettes and this Mini Metal & Matte is no exception. Keeping in line with the ever so popular warm toned trend, this palette his rich deep tones, and amazing foiled shimmer shades. Rate: 8/10 This palette loses a couple of points for the underwhelming factor. I think that it's difficult to follow up the release of the larger Metal & Matte eyeshadow palette, with its redheaded stepsister. The palette is great, but it would have been a better-received palette by the consumer if it acted as a precursor to the Metal & Matte eyeshadow palette, instead of a holiday follow up afterthought. Rotate: Love this palette and hoping to get more use of out it.

Sephora Ombre Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette

Review: I have had this palette for well over a year and this past week was the first time I have ever used it. I am not sure why it took me so long to use this palette, which is incredibly unique and has the most stunning silver shade resting in the bottom right corner. Rate: 6/10, although I find this palette beautiful and different, it is difficult to make a complete everyday look with the palette. The ombre idea is quite genius, the effectiveness, and execution of the palette's concept could use a bit of work. Rotate: This is going into my Keep it or Chuck it! series, where I make a cut-throat decision on keeping products that are in the "maybe" category of my collection.

Makeup Revolution Triple Baked Blush in Peachy Keen

Review: I initially purchased this "blush" as a highlighter for my skin tone, but it ended up being a great blush/blush topper. It has the perfect amount of sheen without being glittery or overly intense. For the price, the quality, and the beauty of the shade, I think this is a smart purchase! Rate: 7.25/10 I am giving it a higher rating because of the product's versatility, excellent price point and amount of the product. ∫Rotate: This will be staying put in my collection for a while, but I will be looking to declutter some of my other blushes.

Smashbox Contour Kit

Review: I received this contour kit as part of a holiday item gift set in the winter of 2016. I never really had or created an opportunity to use it, until I started rotating products. I am currently treating to pan a contour kit so I invest a significant amount time and energy into that particular contour palette, leaving this one, and a couple other unused. I really enjoyed this palette. The powders were soft and applied evenly and the colors were perfect for both contour and bronzing up the skin. Rate: 7.25/10 I think this is an excellent travel palette for people with medium skin tones, unfortunately, it may be too dark for fairer skinned individuals. Rotate: I think that I will hold onto this little palette and perhaps use it as my next face palette panning project.

Anastasia Beverly Hils X Nicole Gurrerro Glow Kit

Review: I really, really, like this glow kit by ABH. I purchase it the first day it was released at Sephora. All the shades, except Forever Lit, look exceptionally beautiful on my skin and although Forever Lit is not the best face highlighting shade for me, it is a beautiful inner corner highlight! A lot of people, well mainly influencers, not really consumers. were complaining that it was too glittery, but what the hell is a face highlight for?? Rate: 7.5/10 The palette is a tad mono skin toned focus. The palette is perfect for Tan to Deep skin tones, which I think was the palette's intention, but I am all about inclusivity or making the palette multi-purpose.

Palette & Product Rotation - Week 10

Kat Von D Metal & Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Review: I was able to grab this little gem a couple of months after its release during Holiday 2016! It is definitely one of my favorite palettes and a classic in the genre of eyeshadow palettes. I missed out on the Mi Vida Loca Palette from Kat Von D, but dammit, I got this one! Rate: 8.5/10 The color selection is wonderfully decadent and very appropriate for a variety of holiday looks, which is when it was released. The matte shadows are insanely pigmented and the foiled shades, although a bit chunky which you will sometimes find with foiled shades, are so dense in pigment that it's not even necessary to wet your brush! Rotate: Hell, no! Plain and simple. I can keeping this forever and ever.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Texture Eyeshadow Palette

Review: Reviews about this palette were not kind for the most part, and I am not sure why. If you take a little time to research what your buying before you purchase it, then maybe you as a consumer, won't be disappointed. Huda, the owner of Huda Beauty made several promos about the palettes, including a youtube video introducing the palette, in order to set an expectation with consumers about what the palette offered, and as far as I can tell she was accurate. Rate: 7/10  The mattes in this palette are exquisite, and while the shimmery/glittery shades pose some challenges, when executed correctly, they are stunning. The problem is that most makeup lovers don't want to deal with the extra effort it takes to pull off an eye look, especially when you paid $65 for the palette, buy in all fairness, the company was clear about how to wear the shadows. Rotate: I think I will hold onto this one a little longer and look towards the fall for more wear time.

Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Eyeshadow Palette

Review: This is the first "colorful" palette that the industry has seen from Tarte. The colors are quite muted, but they are so beautiful and creamy it's unbelievable. This palette was supposed to be limited edition for Spring of 2017, but it keeps making reappearances. The highlighter is the middle is chunky and in no way "color people/brown boy/girl friendly" but the shades are spectacular. If you like color but are a bit apprehensive about actually using it OR if you are an every day work makeup wearer and you are looking for that pop of color that is appropriate for work hours AND after hours, this is your palette! Rate: 9/10 Love this palette as much as I love some of my ND palettes. . .yes, you heard me correctly. Lost a HUGE point for the crappy chunky, glittery mess of a highlighter in the middle. Rotate: This is going into some tupe of project pan because I have a back up of it too.

Buxom Natural Instinct Eyeshadow Palette

Review: One of the most underrated eyeshadow formulas comes from Buxom. I think I have 8 Buxom eyeshadow palettes, four pre-made, and four curated by yours truly. This palette is perfect for work wearable eye looks. That far right gold shade. . .that is LIFE. Such beautiful everyday colors that blend well and are truly color impactful on the eyes. Rate: 8/10 Definitely one of my favorite eyeshadows brands. I love the way these shadows appear on the eye and they are very flattering to most eye colors. Rotate: Not going anywhere! Very glad to have this in my collection!