Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Bougie Brie's Monthly Best in Beauty Top 5 Products: March Edition

1) Kenra Professional Shine Spray

As a woman with naturally dry hair, I am always looking for ways to bring a bit a shine and glow to my otherwise dull hair. Since my hair is predominantly gray, I also have issues with my grays being a bit frenzy. It is difficult to find a product that provides shine without crossing the line into greasy. Kenra Professional Shine Spray is perfect for women with coarse hair and is woman of color friendly. It provides weightless, instant, beautiful sheen while taming unruly flyaways and is suitable for most hair types. You can buy it directly from Kenra Professional Website HERE or you can purchase it from Ulta online or in stores.

2) Batiste Dry Shampoo (Blush)

According to the Ulta website, Batiste Dry Shampoo is designed to "Batiste Dry Shampoo is the quick and convenient way to get soft, clean and fresh smelling hair, without water. Batiste offers an instant fix by revitalizing greasy, dull and lifeless hair. Batiste thickens thin fly-away hair and adds texture and body for that easy style solution."  I find that most dry shampoos are not conducive to coarse or natural hair. They seem to be marketed to people with naturally straight hair that is light in color because the vast majority of dry shampoo leaves a white/gray case in your hair. Actually, I found that Batiste Dry Shampoo is no exception regarding that issue; however, because my hair is already gray and the shampoo doesn't live a dandruff-like appearance but rather a more powdering cast that enhances the beauty of my hair, I really don't mind the white/gray cast. This product is an easy solution to making my hair appear fresh and smell pleasant without the hassle of actually washing it. Let it be understood that this is not a hair-washing replacement., but instead a way to freshen your hair quickly.

3) The Ordinary Skin Care

I am not aware of any other skin care line on the market that is as affordable and effective as The Ordinary. I found The Ordinary through another blogger that was raving about the effects of the product and I was motivated by her comments and the affordability of the products. I purchased several products in the middle of February and I could tell a difference within 2 weeks - a very noticeable difference. I rarely wear my "bare face" out in public. I often wear makeup even if I am staying home, but almost ALWAYS if I am leaving the house. These products have given me a certain degree of confidence that I have lacked regarding my appearance. It allows me to see myself with shame or fear and it has truly been a gift. I can't tell you which products are working because I bought four different types of products, but I can tell you that I followed the chart on the website and bought products that suited my needs. I went to see my dermatologist last week and he noticed the improvement in my skin and I showed him the products. He didn't have to do a chemical peel or anything like he normally does because he was so pleased. All he could tell me was to keep using The Ordinary.

4) Cover Girl Clean Matte BB Cream in Medium & Medium Deep

I purchased this BB Cream at the suggestion of Nicole from Young, Wild and Polished from YouTube. It was specially designed for oily skin and I was intrigued. The price was more than reasonable, but the shade selection was lacking, so I purchased the Medium & Medium Deep to get the right shade for me. I have used this BB Cream for a solid three weeks, waiting for it to fall short of my expectations, but it didn't - not one single time . I am setting the BB Cream with my favorite setting powder,  the Peach Perfect Setting Powder from Too Faced Cosmetics. I think this combination is definitely a winner in my book. I have a resolution to pick no more than 6 foundation by the end of the year. This one might make the cut.

5) Dominique Cosmetics Latte Palette

Im doing a mini review of this product this week, so I'll leave my comprehensive review for that occasion, but I will say I used this palette more than any other Palette thus month. Look for an upcoming Mini Product Review for this product that promises to be comprehensive and surprisingly informative.