Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bougie Brie's Monthly Bummers - February 2018

February Bottom 5 Bougie Brie’s Monthly Bummers

Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone Eyeshadow Palette (remix) – I know there’s a lot of buzz about Wet n’ Wild release of the remake of its new eyeshadow palettes, and I have not tried them all, but I can speak to this particular palette. I was extremely disappointed with the quality of this palette. It doesn’t compare to its predecessor in any way. The shades are not even close to being similar, the pan sizes are awkward to compromise with the smaller and slimmer redesign of the palette itself, and lastly, the quality is subpar….and I am being extremely nice here.

Wet n’ Wild Glitter Eyeshadow – I don’t even have words. It’s just awful. It’s basically petroleum jelly mixed with very sharp shards of glitter that do not place successfully on your eye lid, but instead it creases all over the lid the eye, and if you are super lucky, your lower eyebrow. Just sucks.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick – Good gracious, I have tried to make this work but I just can’t. I have used a prime and I have gone without a primer. I have moisturizer, both light and medium consistencies. I have tried mixing it with other foundations. I just cannot get it to work and I don’t think its user error. I have tried different setting powders, foundation powders, finishing powders, and everything in between, but every single time it separates around the nose and chin and get incredibly oily. FAIL.

Bobbi Brown Nude Drama Holiday Palette 2017 – I spent a lot of money on this little palette and I wasn’t expecting anything Earth shattering, but I was expecting something functional and useable. Although the colors are quite neutral and perfect for everyday wear, the shimmer colors are definitely lacking. I don’t mind building up eyeshadows, in fact, I prefer it. But reapplying the same shade over and over and over again, without any color payoff is not my idea of quality makeup.

Milani Foil Eye Quad – My biggest gripe about this palette is that these are not your standard foil shades, but they are instead cream eyeshadows. When I first swatched these shadows, I was expecting foiled shades that were more of a powder consistency, but these shadows are cream based. They are patchy and they crease almost immediately. Definitely not worth the $11.