Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Pan 18 in '18 Update #5 PLUS New Panning Projects!

I am so excited to announce the progress I am making with my Pan 18 in '18 project PLUS some collabs I am doing with the ladies of PANtastic Ladies Collab Facebook Group. So let's start with my own personal panning project (#PAN18in2018).

Panning Project Products: #PAN18in2018

Becca Highlighter - Opal #1 (Showing Significant PAN)

Lorac Pro 1 (1-2 Pans) #2 (Peeping PAN in Gold & Taupe)

Too Faced - Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette (1Pan) #3 (Slight dip, some usage in the shadeTruffle)

Urban Decay - Naked Basics 2 (1 Pan) #4 (Medium to Significant Dip in Cover)

Versace Red Jeans #5 (2/3 of product used & 1/3 left)

Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder in Medium #6 (COMPLETELY PANNED!!!!)

Too Faced Mini Chocolate Soliel Bronzer #7 (COMPLETELY PANNED!!!!)

Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold (1 Pan Top Right) #8 (Medium size dip in the product)

Sacha Buttercup Powder #9 (1/2 of product used & 1/2 product left)

Sephora - Blushed Bronzed & Ready To Glow (Bronzer & Warm Blush) #10 & #11
(Peeping PAN in Bronzer & Visible PAN in Warm Blush

Wet N Wild Single Shadows (2) & Laura Mercier Single Shadows (1) #12 - #15
       (Wet n Wild Creme Brulee - Significant PAN & Nutty - Significant dip; Laura Mercier Gold Slight Use)

 Tarte Contour Kit (Original) Blush, Contour 1 & Contour 2 #16-#18 (All three shades - significant use)

          Now, here is some information about the panning collabs I have joined:

       Skin Is In
Date: 1/1/18 - 12/31/18
Monthly Updates
# of Items: Up to your discretion. This is going to be done like a project polish but with all skincare products. If the product is is designed for your skin it is fair game in this project. Set your own personal goals for this project. Do you want to finish a certain number of lotions or face serums? Would you like to finish a certain dollar value by the end of the year? Tailor this to your individual style.

       Most Valuable Products (MVP) #prjmvp 
Dates: 11/16/17 (end of Sephora sale) - next Sephora sale in November 2018
Number of items: 5 - 10

Creator: @canoexmakeup on Instagram 
Xizhou Xie

Many of us pick up some expensive products during the sephora sale and that’s understandable, because it’s the best time to pick up expensive products. But I want to actually use them up so that i get my money’s worth.
Choose the most expensive products from 5 - 10 categories and pan them.

       Disney Animated Film Project Pan #disneyprojectpan on social media 

Dates: June 15 with the Incredibles 2 release-November 21st with the Wreck-It Ralph 2 release. 

5-15 products that remind you of Disney animated films, for instance, the winter candy apple body spray for the movie Snow White

Monthly Updates
Creator: Robin Leigh Tucker

      Rolling Perfume Roulette Dates: September 4, 2018-January 4th, 2019
Monthly Updates
Daisy Sheps

Choose 4 perfumes randomly. Whether it’s on a piece of paper or pulling them out blindly from a container. Use each one for a week and then at the update pull 4 more. Samples count! 

       Turn & Burn 3.0 May 27, 2018 - Sept 27, 2018
Update Monthly

The object is to use up as many gimme products, deluxe size, mini, or sample products as possible. You can pick as many or as few as you'd like for the intro and to roll in each month. There was such an overwhelming response to the 1st & 2nd editions that we were asked to continue the project in 2018.

We welcome everyone to join in! Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

      Golden Girls Project Pan
      Dates: September 14th (when it aired) to May 9th (when it went off)
Monthly Updates
Elease Cook

Pick 7+ products(one for each season it was on air)

*Golden Girl (something golden)
*Rose(something rose themed/sweet/silly)
*Blanche(item that makes you feel sexy/sexy packaging)
*Dorothy(a good lipstick/blush)
*Sofia(a sample sized product/older product in your collection)
*Miami themed(think bright pinks, greens, blues, yellows, tropical colorful)
*"Back in St. Olaf"(throwback "gimmicky")
*"Picture it"(throwback "product made overseas"
*Big Daddy (item that intimidates you)
*Cheesecake! (Something in sweet packaging or smells sweet)
*Charlie Nylund (traveling salesman pick a travel sized product)
*Stan the Man (pick a product you have a love/hate relationship with)
*Out on the Lenai (pick a skincare /body care product that leaves you glowing inside and out)