Saturday, May 26, 2018

***Bougie Brie's Monthly Best in Beauty***May Edition***

May Edition TOP 5 Bougie Brie’s Monthly BEST IN BEAUTY
  • ·         Pixi by Petra Glowtonic – Although this isn’t my most favorite glycolic acid toner, it is very effective and quite affordable. I was initially introduced to this product by Nikkie Tutorials. It creates a noticeable difference in appearance, texture, and skin tone eveness.

  • ·         Karity Unicorn Eyeshadow Palette – Surprised, right? This palette didn’t receive the best reviews, but for an affordable palette, it did me quite well. I created several looks, that I posted on IG and FB and they receive tons of comments. I really enjoyed this palette, especially paired with….

  • ·         NYX Element Palette in Air – I had loads of fun pairing this palette with the Karity Unicorn Palette. The looks were amazing and lasted a significant amount of time, with little creasing or wear down. The only issue I have with this palette is the price, which I foolishly bought at full price.
  • ·         Vinegar – Yes, I said vinegar. I live in Texas, where it is bloody hot beginning in March. You sweat as soon as you walk out the door and it’s almost impossible to smell like a puppy dog if you spend any decent amount of time outside. A good friend of mine and I were having a conversation about body odor and how to stay fresh with the blazing Texas heat beating down on you as soon as daylight breaks, and she brought up an old home remedy. . . VINEGAR! When you shower you use soap and vinegar to help neutralize order and then follow up with your favorite scented shower gel. I know . . . I know. You’re thinking, “Who the hell wants to smell like vinegar?” but you really don’t if you continue to shower with something scented like….

  • ·         Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life – Scented with Soap & Glory’s Original Pink fragrance, this smoothing body buffer removes layers of dead skin cells through gentle exfoliation. A little goes a long way, and the scrubbing beads are not alarming large or difficult to rinse. Definitely one of my favorites.

***Saturday***Ulta Haul ***Catrice, PUR, Lime Crime & Buxom***

***Saturday*** Haul-O-Day***Karity

Karity - Unicorn Dreams 

Karity - Just Peachy

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

***Haul & Product Review***Peach Perfect Setting Powder***

Rating is out 10 out of 10, with a full point given for each of the ten sections listed above. Points per section may be issued in the following denominations: 0,.0 .25, .50, 1.0. For further clarification, the sections listed are worth a total of 1.0 point and are:
  1. Company Profile & Personality: (available information about the company, cruelty-free status information, philanthropic efforts, unnecessary controversy, indie company vs mainstream)
  2. Price: (product cost, availability of product, shipping cost, available coupons)
  3. Purchase Process: (order time vs receipt of product turn around, availability of product, email notifications including shipping & tracking number, email notification for delivery)
  4. Packaging: (was the item securely package, decorative packaging efforts including information card about the product, upcoming sales, or the company itself)
  5. Pigmentation: (via swatches)
  6. Color Payoff: (via application to the area applicable)
  7. Product Application: (ease of application of the product, for example for eyeshadow, is there fall out, creasing, etc.
  8. Performance: (longevity of wear)
  9. Product Value: (price to product amount ratio, i.e. price per gram + product quality + consumer response (popularity of the product and consumer response) + repurchase option)
  10. Overall Product Presentation: shade variation (if eyeshadow), women of color friendly, pale people friendly, universally applicable to many skin tones, desire for repeated use, would you repurchase the item again, is this product associated with a particular trend or is does it market the companies individuality, does the product set a new & innovative trend, is the product effective (does it do what it’s designed to do), does the product have potential multiple application opportunities (i.e. can the product be used as a blush & lipstick), is the product limited edition or a permanent product, is the product part of a collection, is the product consistent (from shade to shade, if an eyeshadow palette) from color to color in a part of a collection and does it function and operate the same each time applied.

Price & Purchase Process & Packaging: This product is hands down, the best setting powder I have ever used in my 38 years on this little planet. I purchased it, along with the Peach Perfect foundation, which is equally fantastic. The presentation of the product itself is decadent from the outer packaging containing the product to the actual packaging of the product itself. Peach themed, from the name to the literally outside and top of the container which features a lavishly decorated peach with a decorative script with the name. The decorative product is very much in line with owner Jerrod Blandino’s eccentric but classy nature. For the quality of the product, the price is more than fair. The performance of the product surpasses any other blurring setting or mattifying setting powder. Absolutely a cut above the rest!

Pigmentation & Color Payoff & Performance:  The setting powder has a peach scent that is not overpowering, but pleasant and reasonable. Although the powder is not translucent it has more of a soft light/peach coloring and does not make my brown skin with yellow undertones skin ashy or like clown makeup. The powder does exactly what is claims. 1) It sets your foundation – perfectly. Your foundation will not budge, shift, or move as a result of this powder. 2) It completely mattifies your face WITHOUT looking cakey or thick. It is perfect for combination/oily skin and I believe that it’s even suitable for normal/dry skin as well.

Overall Product Presentation:
I currently have over 20 or more setting and foundation powders in my vanity drawer and this is the one I use every day without hesitation or fail. It is the best setting powder that I have ever used and it does exactly what it claims. . . mattifies smoothes, and fills in lines. I would go so far to say it's a damn miracle setting powder. For the longest time women of color couldn't use translucent setting powders because it made us look ashy and ghost like, but this powder is revolutionary for people of color and I encourage all my brothers and sisters of many colors and hues to try this powder. I dare you to say it's not the best.

Rating: 10/10

Too Faced Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder

***Boxycharm***May Edition***

PUR Sculptor Palette

Cover FX Blurring Primer

Aesthetican P12 Face Brush

Aesthetica 3 Piece Trio

Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Liner

Han Skin Care Lip Gloss

Monday, May 21, 2018

****Semi-Monthly Palette & Product Rotation 20 & 21****

Beginning in the next Semi-Monthly Palette & Product Rotation, I will be incorporating other beauty products, such as eyeliners, mascaras, single shadows, cream shadows, and 1 - 3 products from various panning projects I am participating in. If you are interested in learning more about the panning projects I am involved in, please look down on the left side under labels and click on Panning Project '18 and Pantastic Collabs! I am mostly known as an eyeshadow palette enthusiast, but honestly speaking I have much more makeup that I could I put into rotation and thereby put into a Review, Rate, & Rotate series. I am still tweaking how I am going to proceed in organizing the posting schedule and reviewing products in a timely manner. Currently, I am posting my Semi-Monthly Palette & Product Rotation every other week with approximately 4-7 eyeshadow palettes, and 1-2 blush and highlighter each, along with an occasional foundation or two. I started posting the Semi-Monthly Palette & Product Rotation and the Bi-Monthly Review, Rate, & Rotate on alternate weeks because there was just so much research and writing that had to take place in order to provide accurate and relevant reviews that are based on my experience with these products. Right now the challenge is being consistent in posting and staying up to date with my posting schedule. Definitely looking for suggestions, so email me at

Week 20 Palette &  Product Rotation
Dominique Cosmetics - The Latte Eyeshadow Palette

Viseart Editorial Eyeshadow Palette

Colourpop Double Entendre Eyeshadow Palette

NYX Air Eyeshadow Palette

Karity Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette

Karity Unicorn Dreams Eyeshadow Palette

Week 21 Palette & Product Rotation

IBY Highlight & Contour Palette

Tarte Holiday Blush Kit 2017

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric & Cover  Girl Clean Matte BB Cream