Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sunday Haul - O - Day: Poshmark - One Hell of a Haul @ Ridiculously Low Price

I love shopping online with Poshmark. It's very rare that I have an issue or problem that isn't resolved in a timely manner. I am a little apprehensive about buying luxury brands, like Marc Jacobs, from perfect strangers, but over my years of online shopping, I have become an expert at detecting when something isn't authentic, so I usually operate with confidence regarding my purchases. I scored these three Marc Jacob Icon Style Eyeshadow Palettes for the insanely low price of $40 ....for ALL three. They are indeed authentic and what's even more remarkable is that they have never been used, not even swatched. The two longer palettes complete my Marc Jacobs Style Icon 7 Series collection and I am happy to have them. I am equally happy to have it's little brother, and it's cousin, made by Saucebox

Poshmark - Marc Jacobs & Saucebox

Marc Jacobs - The Lolita

Marc Jacobs - The Lover

Marc Jacobs - The Mod