Wednesday, July 18, 2018

✬✬✬Review, Rate, & Rotate✬Week 26✬✬✬

Week 26 Review, Rate, & Rotate: Check out my thoughts and the mini-reviews on each product below. If there is something you would like for me to review, leave a comment and let me know or you can reach out to me on the CONTACT ME page, and shoot me an email!!! xoxo

Product Name: BH Cosmetics Foil Eyes

Review: When I lost everything in Hurricane Harvey, I also chose to leave my affordable eyeshadow collection behind which included this palette. When I got settled and moved into my new place, began replacing things for my affordable eyeshadow collection and this and it's sister, BH Cosmetics Foil Eyes II, were high on the list of must-haves. I was super excited to get this palette back in my collection because, for the price point, these are some of the best shimmer/foil shadows around. They are not necessarily foiled shadows I would say. They are more on the side of shimmers, but really intense shimmer shades. They are extremely beautiful and the range of colors is fantastic. 

Rate: 8/10  You know I had to take points off for the Morphe Brushes like the packaging which is really lame and super cheap. I know brands like BH try to keep things super affordable for their consumers, but their packaging on this palette could use updating. 

Rotate: I actually put this palette and its sister, Foil Eyes 2, on my vanity so that I could get better use out of it.

Product Name: Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon Eyeshadow Palette

Review: I am not sure why this palette is so widely disliked. Maybe it's because it's primarily a cool-toned palette, and most people are nuts over warm toned palettes. I appreciate the shade selection this palette provides and I think it is even workable for warm toned lovers. I am not one for the heart-shaped pans or the uber pink packaging. I am not anti-feminist or anti-pink, but I believe it perpetuates the belief that pink is a staple in femininity and that gay men, such as Too Faced owner Jarod Blandino, lean towards the idea that their femininity rests in owning, liking and wearing things that are soft and normally are attribute to the female species, like pink, chocolate, & hearts. For some reason, that really irritates me. I consider myself extremely feminine and I am not really a fan of anything listed above except for hearts. With all that being said the quality of the shades is on par with most of Too Faced permanent eye products and I think that this is the best of the three original chocolate bar palettes.

Rate: 4.75/10 Major deductions for the aesthetics of the product and the idea it perpetuates towards young girls and women. I don't know, maybe it's just me. I am not feminist or anti-feminist, but I am a woman who is irritated that the gay man who owns this company continues to push the idea the femininity & homosexuality have something to do with one another. 

Rotate: I'll keep this one in my collection a little longer!

Product Name: Coastal Scents Think Pink

Review: At one point, I had all of the Coastal Scents 12 pan eyeshadow palettes, but I ended up downsizing, and this palette was one of the ones I kept. I am actually quite pleased I kept this palette. Of course, the palette is themed in pink, but as shown in the swatches in the picture above, there are other shades in the palette that compliment the pink aesthetic. For the amount of product, the cost of the palette and the very pleasing color palette aesthetic, this is more than reasonably affordable eyeshadow palette. 

Rate: 8/10 You have to remember that when I rate something it's based on a number of factors, which are listed at the end of this post, and if you keep those criteria in mind you'll understand how I arrive at my conclusions. Pressing on.... This is a super cute Palette, with an equally compelling and appealing theme, ""with an awesome price point and that's how you get the rating. 

Rotate: I really enjoy this palette, it's an excellent affordable buy that performs well. This is staying in my collection. 

Product Name: OFRA Radiant Eyes Eyeshadow Palette 

Review: My experience with OFRA shadows has not always been positive as I am currently selling two of their products on Mercari and Poshmark, but I digress... In terms of everyday neutral/leaning warm eyeshadow palettes, this palette is on my top 3 and it's shameful that I don't get the opportunity to show it love because of my massive collection. This completely reminds me why I have invested time in curating my eyeshadow collection. Not to be a  minimalist because that's not on my character or my desire but to give love to shades, formulas and Brands that I love most. 

Rate: 9/10 This palette is not meant for everyone because the shades are satin/Shimmer and nearly every single person believes you need matte shadows to complete a look, which is bullshit! These shadows are so beautiful and well pressed, that I honestly think you don't necessarily need matte shadows to orchestrate a well put together eye look. Don't overlook these shadows, and as of today you can get them online at Ulta. 

Rotate: I am hoping as I continue to curate my eyeshadow collection, I will be able to give quality palettes like this one more attention. Staying put with Momma. 

Product Name: Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsession 
Eyeshadow Palette

Review: Most opinions about Huda Beauty's Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette are polarizing and this brand didn't seem to have a steady foot in the beauty community until the brand released their mini Obsession Palettes! Most people that have anything negative to say about these shadows in mostly in regards to the cost of, but if you look the product objectively, the amount of product plus the quality more than equals the price, in fact, the consumer comes out ahead!

Rate: 8.5/10 This is not my favorite of the Obsession Palettes, actually, it is my least favorite. I wish there was just one more shimmer/foil shade, because that's where I live, but other than that, this is an excellent palette, perfect for that fall/Thanksgiving look!

Rotate: Keeping this and its sister palettes in my collection!

Product Name: City Color Shimmer & Revlon Photo Ready

Review: **The other products I didn't get a chance to use. Look for an upcoming review! (a) City Color makes fantastic shimmer shadows for a great price (depending on where you purchase them from, you can get them as low as $2 so do your research!) If you are trying to build up your single shadow collection and you are looking for affordable shimmers, in a variety of colors, that are not necessarily Coastal Scents or other brands like them, try these shadows. Word to the wise, I was unable to depot them, so don't think that's going to happen. (b) I love, love, love these Revlon Photo Ready Eye Art thingys, yes, I said thingys because I am out of adjectives. I used the purple shade this  week in a very simple look using the cream side as a base for the Juvia's Place Masquerade purple shade, and then I lined my eyes with the glitter liner. The glitter liner can be used on top of the cream, but I didn't to use it as an actual liner. If you use it as a liner, be careful around your lashes becuase they will fuse into "uni-lashes" if you're not paying attention. Great drugstore product!

Rate: (a) 7.75/10 (b) 7.75/10 Really enjoyed using these products this week and I am extremely happy that I am pulling these type of items into my rotation.

Rotate: Absolutely staying put with momma, and I'll be using the products I missed next week!

Rating is out 10 out of 10, with a full point given for each of the ten sections listed above. Points per section may be issued in the following denominations: 0,.0 .25, .50, 1.0. For further clarification, the sections listed are worth a total of 1.0 point and are:
1.     Company Profile & Personality: (available information about the company, cruelty-free status information, philanthropic efforts, unnecessary controversy, indie company vs mainstream)
2.     Price: (product cost, availability of product, shipping cost, available coupons)
3.     Purchase Process: (order time vs receipt of product turn around, availability of product, email notifications including shipping & tracking number, email notification for delivery)
4.     Packaging: (was the item securely package, decorative packaging efforts including information card about the product, upcoming sales, or the company itself)
5.     Pigmentation: (via swatches)
6.     Color Payoff: (via application to the area applicable)
7.     Product Application: (ease of application of the product, for example for eyeshadow, is there fall out, creasing, etc.
8.     Performance: (longevity of wear)
9.     Product Value: (price to product amount ratio, i.e. price per gram + product quality + consumer response (popularity of the product and consumer response) + repurchase option)
10. Overall Product Presentation: shade variation (if eyeshadow), women of color friendly, pale people friendly, universally applicable to many skin tones, desire for repeated use, would you repurchase the item again, is this product associated with a particular trend or is does it market the companies individuality, does the product set a new & innovative trend, is the product effective (does it do what it’s designed to do), does the product have potential multiple application opportunities (i.e. can the product be used as a blush & lipstick), is the product limited edition or a permanent product, is the product part of a collection, is the product consistent (from shade to shade, if an eyeshadow palette) from color to color in a part of a collection and does it function and operate the same each time applied.

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