Thursday, October 11, 2018

✮✮✮Palette(s) of the Month✮✮✮September Round Up✮✮✮

Every month, along with my normal rotation schedule, I will be selecting 1-3 palettes to use throughout the month. They may be brand new palettes, or older palettes, or even limited edition. After a month of use, I will give a brief overview of how much I used the palette(s), if I wanted to reach for them, if I had any trouble working with them, if they are palettes I would buy back ups of, or will I be adding it to my Mercari and Poshmark Closets. . . This will not necessarily be a "product review" type post, but I like to think of as more of a "where does this palette belong in my collection and how much do I want/like it". Make sense?, of course not! I know! But that's what I am going to do! Here are the following questions I will answer each month regarding the Month Long Palette(s):

How often did I reach for this palette(s)? Why or Why not?

I used both palettes a decent amount of time and I think that I made a great effort to incorporate them as often as possible in my eye looks throughout the month. I used the Drenched Metals palette more than the Holy Grail palettes because it was perfect for all over the lid eye looks. 

Did I enjoy using this/these palette(s)? Why or Why not?

I really did enjoy using both palettes and in terms of eyeshadow formulas, Violet Voss is in my top 5. Also, the Holy Grail palette is in my top 5 warm-toned eyeshadow palettes and I prefer it over the overhyped and underwhelming Modern Renaissance from ABH. 

Did I rediscover a fondness for this/these palette(s) or did I discover that I was fonder of this/these palette(s) than I realize?

This was my first time using my Drenched Metals palette and it just reaffirmed my love of Violet Voss. Using the Holy Grail palette, helped me realize that I fiercely prefer it over the Modern Renaissance and I find it far more user friendly, with less fall out and equally impressive pigmentation. Sorry, I'm just not one to fall into hype and although the Modern Renaissance is a good palette there are other palettes that are comparable or better and in fact, the Modern Renaissance was not the first notable warm-toned palette, Lime Crimes Venus palette was....just for the record. 

If I lost this/these palette(s), would I repurchase?

Yes, I definitely would!

With this experience and knowledge regarding the use of this/these palette(s), what would I do differently (regarding this/these purchases, future purchases of similar products, trends?

I wouldn't have purchased the Modern Renaissance or the Becca Ombre Rouge, or any of the warm-toned palettes from Morphe. In terms of the Drenched Metals, I think I would have been more conservative in my single eyeshadow collection because I own a ton of single foiled & shimmer shadows. 

Keep, Declutter, or Probation?

Keeping both and excited about next month's palette choices. October's choices are the Tarte Tartelette & NARS Loaded Eyeshadow Palettes.